Share excerpts of your favorite songs on Instagram!

Share excerpts of your favorite songs on Instagram!

Have you ever imagined an Instagram with excerpts of music? Yeah, it exists. Well, in reality it is not a new Instagram, but the possibility to share bits and pieces of your favorite music on the most popular social photo network today.

This is a proposal for a startup French through its new application, the Sounds.

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Available for iOS and Android, it allows you to discover new music and share it on several of your social networks Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger or Tinder.

The application is very simple to use. When you open it, you already face several music options, and you can even search the Spotify, iTunes Store and SoundCloud collections. When playing your favorite music, just choose the social network you want to share and go!

As already mentioned, Sounds works with sharing on other social networks, but Instagram is by far the most popular among users. When sharing is finished, it appears with a watermark saying “Made with Sounds app” (“Made with the Sounds app”). Like this:

App Sounds

Rhai Goburdhun, co-founder of startup, believes that with the increasing success of Sounds “record companies will start signing partnerships to create playlists. We signed a partnership with The Fader, for example. When professionals share music, they don't have the watermark. In return, we ask for their feedback. So far, we have approximately 3,000 artists and small labels, he concludes.

Sounds is an app that offers you another form of interaction. It will not change your life, but suddenly you are listening to a remarkable music and want to share it with everyone on the network at that moment. Now, you can.

Test and tell us what you think!