Shadow of War reveals Laracna in trailer

Comic Con 2017: Middle-Earth: Shadow of War revela Laracna em trailer

Check out the latest Shadow of War trailer presented today at Comic Con San Diego 2017

Today, Friday (20), the Warner Bros launched a new trailer for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (Middle Earth: Shadows of War) during your Comic-Con San Diego. The trailer introduces us Laracna, a powerful villain from the master’s universe Tolkien, which is best known in its giant arachnid form or by the name Shelob.

At the teaser, Laracna in human form, interacts with Talion and gives you insights into the future. Celebrimbor, sensibly warns Talion that the spider is not an ally, but the warrior may be a little stubborn about listening to the ring-forger’s advice.

If you are ready to come across this evil spider play the video below:

Shadows of War is the continuation of this epic saga started in Shadows of Mordor and its events unfold between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The game that brings back Talion and Celebrimbor will be available in Brazil and in Portuguese from the day October 10 for Xbox One, PC and Playstaton 4.