Several resellers already have super low (or even zeroed) stocks of MacBooks Air

Gradually, things are tapering (1, 2, 3): this time, it is the stocks of MacBooks Air at major resellers such as Best Buy and Amazon that are already super low or, in some cases, even zeroed.

MacBook Air on its side

When things get generalized like that, a new model is almost certain to be launched. Although they said that Apple would have "frozen" the launch of new Macs until the arrival of OS X Lion, I would not be surprised if the Airs were updated this week or next. In the Apple Online Stores, both in the United States and in Brazil, curiously, all models continue to have a dispatch forecast of up to 24 hours.

I always say that "we never buy anything if we kept thinking about the possibility of a new model coming out soon", but in the case of MacBooks Air, we are past the point where the best advice now is to wait a while. Be worth.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)