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Several Apple online services are experiencing instability [atualizado 2x]

Holiday week in the United States like that. People work a little less hard on servers around the country, and as a result things fall: on Tuesday, Cloudflare had serious problems around the world and took several sites maintained by its structure; Yesterday, it was Facebook's turn to suffer from instabilities on Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Today the Apple.


As the System Status page indicates, several Apple services are experiencing problems on Thursday afternoon (4/7). They include all features related to iCloudas the Mail, the Sticky notes, O iCloud Drive, at ICloud Keys, O Calendar, the Contacts, at Grades, O Backup, a storage expansionthe sute iWork and the web apps from iWork on iCloud.

In addition, users of the Apple ecosystem may face problems with Photos, the resource Screen Time, O Search, O Game center it's the Apple pay. Notably, none of the services are completely down may be that you can use either of them normally, but the chances of encountering problems down the road are considerable.

Ma has not yet officially commented on the matter or has estimated when the problems will be resolved, but we will be vigilant to bring any news that appears there.

tip of Kau Barbosa

Update 07/04/2019 at 16:30

According to the System Status page, almost all Apple services are back to normal: only iCloud Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders are still in trouble. Soon they should stabilize, too.

Update 7/4/2019 6:58 PM

And it seems that everything is back to normal: all Apple services are already green again on the System Status page. Back to work, guys!