Seven apps to make everyday life easier for you to try

Seven apps to make everyday life easier for you to try

With technological news popping up daily, it makes no sense to live without the convenience and security proposed by applications that have emerged to facilitate our daily lives. They are numerous options that encompass the most varied segments of the market – from traditional food delivery to the appointment of medical appointments and visits by professionals for domestic services.

Are you adept at applications and curious about new possibilities? We have listed some tools, available on Android and iOS systems, that will change (for the better) and make your day to day easier.

First table

Application indicated for those who love gastronomy, the First Mesamovimenta restaurants and bars on specific times and days with special promotions. The goal is to provide optimal dining experiences without queues with the kitchen and service available to the user. For the First Table, the public commits to arriving on time and following rules, which will guarantee participants the right to eat whatever they want, with a 50% discount.


Are you in love with your pet and suffer a lot whenever you need to travel? At DogHerovoc you will find reliable hosts that host your cook and maintain the routine of care and care as at home. By the application, the user for doing searches by region, in addition to scheduling in advance the hosting, pay everything via credit card and have a veterinary warranty provided by the platform.


Docwaysurgiu aims to make life easier for those who need humanized medical care by bringing the doctor to the patient through technology. Today, it has more than 55,000 users, is present in more than 340 cities, and all capitals of the country. The app has brought a unique concept to the health segment, revolutionizing the sector since its launch in 2015. Thanks to the innovative project, today it is possible to call the doctor for a visit wherever the patient is, facilitating the daily lives of those in need. of medical care with an exclusive and differentiated care.


Developed by nutritionists, without fads or radicalisms, the Desrotulado the first food score application in Brazil. With the application you can search the evaluation of thousands of food products by name, brand or category. With just a few clicks, the user discovers the positives, negatives and warnings of the products searched, all presented in an easy to understand way.


Who has never had a problem finding a good service provider? Even basic jobs such as installing a shower or unclogging a sink can turn into a true epic. Now imagine using a kind of social network to make budgets and, from the price and evaluation given by other clients, negotiate and close the service without leaving home. This is why Triider, a startup that offers, among others, professionals in the electric, hydraulic, rental husband and furniture assembler areas. Payments are made by credit card through the platform, with the possibility of installment payment in up to six interest-free times.

Beauty date

It's hard to find a Brazilian who doesn't care about beauty. With that in mind, Beauty Date allows scheduling, for example, beauty sales, aesthetic clinics and barber shops. It is possible to set a date and time with thousands of professionals from hundreds of Brazilian cities, even taking into account the distance between the user and the location of the service. In addition, the tool offers exclusive promotions with combos or special prices.


Impossible to talk about apps that make life easier and not to mention Uber, the most famous urban mobility company on the planet. Through the tool, the user can request a private urban transport in a few minutes, in the main cities of the world. To ensure the safety of passengers and drivers, payments can be made by credit card through the platform.