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Set up your Logitech mouse on Linux with Piper

The mouse itself allows DPI settings through a button in the central region, something quite traditional even in such models, but it has some functions that can be better configured via software, such as the function of the buttons and the colors of RGB. , in addition to IPR and Polling Rate.

In Windows these settings are made through Logitech Software and this same software does not have versions for Linux yet, although the mouse works perfectly, so not the same as my Razer mouse.

There is a driver called "Libratbag"which supports Logitech, Etekcity, GSkill, Roccat and Steelseries devices, which has an interface called" Piper "that works perfectly with my new G203.

Installing Piper and Libratbag

Driver and Interface are not the same thing, as the habit with Windows has been thinking, proving that we can use several different interfaces for the same Razer driver (openRazer), so let's first install our "libratbag" driver. The officially supported distros are Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, openSUSE and Debian (version 10 onwards) and the installation procedure can be viewed. on github. On Ubuntu, you can install the driver directly from the repository using Software like Synapticlooking for the package: ratbagd

If you prefer to use the terminal, this command:

sudo apt install ratbagd

After that s install the Piper interface, which can be done via Flatpak, through the Flathub, or through a PPA repository.

Here's how to install a PPA on Ubuntu without using the terminal.

If you prefer to do it from the terminal, you can use these commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa: libratbag-piper / piper-libratbag-git

sudo apt install piper

The interesting thing about using PPA is that you also get the latest version of the libratbag driver as soon as it comes out.

Piper Features and Settings

The available functions obviously appear according to the mouse model, in my case we have the following options:

Logitech RGB Mouse Control

We can configure the RGB LED that the mouse has, using solid colors, where you can choose the color you want, you can also use the default, which is the "Cycle", where the colors are changing. In the App you can change the intensity of illumination and the interval of changes, there is also the option "Breathing", which causes the colors to light up and fade as if the mouse were "breathing", including the name; There is also the option of turning off the lights.

Logitech Linux Key Control Mouse buttons can also be individually configured to do different things, including some ready-made macros, or templates you can create. DPI Mouse Control Linux

The home page allows you to change the polling rate in this case between 500 and 1000 Hz, and also make changes to the mouse DPI, which in this case goes up to 8000, and can make intermediate adjustments to each value with a slider, allowing any desired value within the range, up to the maximum. .

Leaves nothing to be desired

You might say Piper doesn't have the prettiest interface of all, but it's definitely not bad and in terms of functionality, it leaves nothing to be desired about Logitech's own application, which makes it a great mouse alternative. for use with Linux.

Before you go out installing libratbag and Piper to configure your mouse, it is worth checking the list of devices supported by the driver developers, you can do this by checking the project's GitHub.

See you next time!

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