Serious FaceTime bug lets you listen to someone else without them knowing [atualizado 3x]

Serious FaceTime bug lets you listen to someone else without them knowing [atualizado 3x]

Here's you: A newly discovered bug on iOS and MacOS lets one person hear what another person is talking about in a call. FaceTime * before * she answers or even rejects the call. 😳

FaceTime bug

Obviously, this is a serious privacy problem with the potential for destroying relationships. Imagine someone calling a family member or close friend and unintentionally hearing something unpleasant from the other side (after all, the other person has no indication that they are being listened to).

It's okay that we are not talking about a trivial connection, as we need to perform some unusual steps for the bug to manifest itself. But still, it is still worrying.

The bug works as follows: right after making a FaceTime on video with a contact via iPhone, I need to swipe up and touch “Add person”; Then I need to add my own phone number; In doing so, a conference is started with the other person's audio playing without them knowing it.

FaceTime's interface even implies that she accepted the call, even though the phone is still “ringing” for the call to be accepted or rejected. We have tested here and found that the problem indeed exists and can be easily reproduced.

You can now answer for yourself on FaceTime, even if they don't respond. A #Apple, explain it

Like I said, the damage here can be very real. You can hear conversations from iPhone users without them knowing they are being heard; So far there is no way for you to protect yourself from the bug other than to completely disable FaceTime in Settings. So many will prefer to wait for an Apple patch (let's hope it gets released as soon as possible).

If there is "good" news in this that at least the camera video is not exposed, only the same mic audio. What a thing

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 1/28/2019 s 23:05

To BuzzFeed, an Apple spokesman confirmed that the company is "aware of this issue and has already identified a fix that will be available in a software update later this week."

That is, it comes to iOS 12.1.4.

Update II 01/28/2019 s 23:28

I commented above that at least there was the "good" news that the camera video was not exposed, no? Well not well

FaceTime bug now in video

After the conference starts without the other person's authorization, if they press one of the volume buttons to mute the call (instead of refusing), you will have camera access instead of the microphone, as reported by The verge And this is also proven by us.

They also reported that if No Disturb is enabled, the bug will not manifest itself, however, we will not be able to replicate (ie the bug continued).

Update III, by Rafael Fischmann 01/29/2019 09:00

Apple has decided to temporarily shut down FaceTime on its servers.