Seriados para assistir em família: Confira o top 15!

Series to watch with family: Check out the top 15!

During quarantine, one of the main things you have to do is watch series, movies or anime. It is quite possible that you have already finished your list of what to see, even more if it is with the family and, to help you, we have selected the best series to watch with the family!

Read on to find out what they are, their synopses and links to watch!

1. Modern Family

Few shows are better for family viewing than a family show. The series is a comedy and tells the story of three family nuclei of a large family and follows some generation conflicts with good humor and lightness, even when dealing with more controversial topics, such as relationships between LGBT people and sex in adolescence.

Created by Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan, the series started in 2009 and remained on the air for 10 years, having its final season concluded in 2019, maintaining its public and critical success and receiving several awards, among them, 15 Emmys, as Best Comedy Series, Best Comedy Screenplay and the Respect Award in 2010.

The series has been cited by Michelle Obama as her favorite TV show and is available for you to watch through the link on Netflix, one of the best streaming services.

Modern Family

2. A Madman in the Pedao

A crazy man on the block was famous in the 1990s and even today. With a light and fun atmosphere, the series launched Will Smith's career, being a public and critical success and maintaining a status as an icon of pop culture until today.

For those who do not know, this fantastic comedy talks about young Will who starts to get involved with some people in Philadelphia. Afraid of the boy, his mother sends him to live with the rich uncles in the neighborhood of Bel-Air. There, culture shock becomes inevitable, especially when Will goes to school with his cousins ​​full of money.

The narrative is usually focused on comedy based on the interactions of Will and his family, but he is not afraid to address more serious themes, mainly racism, classism and parental abandonment. To watch, you can follow both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video!

3. Fuller House

Fuller House is the direct continuation of the classic Trs Demais (Full House, in the original) and accompanies the same family many years later. The series was created and scripted by Kate Spurgeon for Netflix and has had 5 seasons.

The series tells the story of Stephanie, a woman with two children and a third pregnant woman who loses her husband and needs to work hard to take care of the children and live her life. For that, she counts on the help of a friend, also with a teenage daughter, of the sister and her family.

With the participation of actors from the original series, the series is both nostalgic and very contemporary and fun. To watch one of the best Netflix series, just follow the link.

4. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most famous and acclaimed series, great for family watching, mixing suspense and science fiction with an 80's footprint and an impressive amount of references to the pop culture of the time, from movies to books and video games.

The series tells the story of a government conspiracy located in the city of Hawkins, in the interior of Indiana, USA. This conspiracy is related to a strange monster loose in the city, a mysterious girl with even more mysterious superpowers and a disturbing parallel reality.

Throughout the seasons we follow the characters growing and maturing, while more and more layers of conspiracy and macabre secrets are revealed, occasionally satisfactorily.

The series has three seasons so far, with the filming of the fourth one having already been completed but with no official release date yet. Click on the link to check out one of the best Netflix series!

Stranger Things

5.Brooklyn 99

From one of the creators of The Office and The Good Place, who are also on that list, Brooklyn 99 follows the day-to-day life of a team of police investigators at 99 New York Police Station in Brooklyn.

The story focuses on Detective Jake Peralta, a brilliant but considerably immature man who comes into conflict when a new captain is assigned to command the station. In addition to the two, the series has several well-developed characters with remarkable personalities.

The series has received several awards over the course of its seven seasons (the eighth currently in pre-production). A great attraction of the series that has generated a lot of positive reviews is how well she deals with LGBT characters and their conflicts.

The series is considered by many to be the best comedy of today and it is worth checking on Netflix that it is one of the best series to watch with family.

6. Lemony Snicket: Misadventures in Srie

Misadventures in Srie is an original Netflix series, adapted from the children's book of the same name by Lemony Snicket by Mark Hudis, with a strong cast that includes Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, Malina Weissman, Louis Heynes among others.

History follows the misfortunes of three brothers, who after becoming orphans are adopted by the terrible Count Olaf, who is in search of his inheritance and makes the life of the three a real hell.

The series mixes a acid comedy with fantasy and fast narratives, being ideal for children and teenagers who want something just a little bit scary and has three seasons available on Netflix, having received several accolades from the public and critics.

7. Good Omens

Six episode mini-series, Good Omens is an adaptation of the book of the same name by the renowned and fantastic Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and directed by Douglas Mackinnon and scripted by Gaiman.

The series tells the story of Aziraphale and Crowley, an angel and a demon who come together to prevent the prophecy that results in the apocalypse from happening. Both have developed great fondness for life on Earth and do not want the planet to end, after millennia living here.

To do this, they must prevent the coming of the antichrist, which would result in the war between heaven and hell. Check out his adventures on Amazon Prime Video, another of the best streaming services that has one of the most popular apps for watching movies and series.

Good Omens Series to watch with family

8.Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency

Dirk Gently is one of the best series to watch as a family, based on the work of the same name by the world renowned Douglas Adams. The series was adapted and directed by Max Landis in 2016 and has very strong names in its cast, such as the renowned Elijah Wood, the hilarious Samuel Barnett and the sensational Hannah Marks.

The series has two seasons, and tells the story of Todd, who seems to suffer from a rare disease and live a decadent and depressing life as a hotel attendant. His routine goes up in the air when eccentric investigator Dirk Gently decides, under Todd's protests, to make him his partner in the investigation agency.

The series is marked by absurd humor and guided by incessant twists and revelations, capturing the attention of the spectators as rare as they are capable. one more that can be checked only on Netflix!

9. I Am Not Okay With This

If your family prefers something more serious and contemporary but without losing their good humor and spontaneity, I Am Not Okay With This is a full plate. Based on the work of the same name by Charles Forsman and adapted by Jonathan Entwistle for Netflix.

The series follows the life of Sydney (Sophia Lillis), a teenage girl dealing with all the typical problems of this turbulent phase of life, such as school routine, problems with living with her family, understanding about her sexuality and of course, discovering that she has powers psychics like telekinesis.

The series does not adorn the adolescence of its characters and does not try to soften family conflicts and interpersonal relationships. Your characters make mistakes and need to deal with them, growing in the process and changing who they are, which makes them very empathetic and credible. Just head over to Netflix to see!

10. The Office

The Office is one of the most popular and beloved comedy series today, which at a time with so many options to watch, is no small feat, especially when you consider that the series was completed in 2012.

The series is a mockumentary. That is, it has a format that simulates a documentary and portrays the daily life of a company in the small town of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The series has nine seasons, from 2005 to 2012, and plays with corporate stereotypes and corporate abuses, of jargon that means nothing, bosses who have no sense of reality and employees dealing with all this madness.

And even with the caricatious exaggeration, the series still makes many people identify and has the presence of Steve Carrel in the role that defined his career. To watch, just go to Amazon Prime Video.

The Office Series to watch with family

11. One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time remake of a sitcom produced in the 1970s, scripted by Glria Calderon Kellet and Mike Royce, in a partnership between Sony and Netflix. Its reception by the public and critics was very good and its fourth season is already in production.

The series tells the story of a Cuban-American family who lives in the United States. The mother, head of the family, her three children and her grandmother deal with generational conflicts caused by different customs and traditions while the series addresses more serious issues, such as psychological disorders, homophobia and discrimination faced by Latinos in the United States. It is only available on Netflix.

12. Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks another series that appeals to nostalgia, this time, relying on the late 1990s to create the mood. It is a good choice to remind your older children of your childhood and show young people how things were before the Smartphone era, making this one of the best series to watch as a family.

The series scripted by Michael Mohan and Ry Russo-Young and tells the story of a group of teenagers who live in a small American town in the late 1990s. The characters are part of two groups, the Theater and the Audiovisual Club and enter a project to produce a low budget film.

The comedy is based on their interactions and experiences and the plot has simple themes, such as friendship, honesty, love and the growing problems of teenagers towards adult life. To watch, go to Netflix.

13. Atypical

Atypical is an original Netflix series that shows the life of a character with autism and his family. Focused on family drama and the interactions of this family composed of parents, autistic son and daughter and as the protagonist Sam gradually gains his independence and autonomy and learns to live better with his difficulties.

Atypical has 3 seasons, with the fourth and final confirmed for 2021. directed by Seth Gordon and produced by Jennifer Jason Leigh and featuring first-rate performances by Brigette Lundy-Paine, Keir Gilchrist and Jennifer Jason-Leigh.

The series also deals with topics such as changes in adolescence, family problems and sexuality and was highly praised for the way it deals with topics. It's available on Netflix!


Another sensational comedy, Community was created by the exceptionally talented author Dan Harmon and has 6 seasons, having been shown from 2009 to 2015 and has strong actors such as Joel McHale, Donald Glover and the always wonderful Alison Brie.

The story focuses on the character Jeff Winger, who, after a successful career as a lawyer, is forced to go back to college when his diploma is false. Jeff opts for a community college, which are cheaper colleges, but less prestigious.

There, he finds himself inserted in a group of catholic studies and with all kinds of people, his personalities frequently generating intense frictions and problems, and laughter from the spectators. This one is available on two of the best streaming services, on Amazon Prime Video and on Netflix.

15. The Good Place

To close, we have The Good Place, a series created by renowned Michael Schur directly for Netflix. The series has four seasons and is one of the best comedies ever made, because in addition to having a first-rate humor throughout its four seasons, the series also reflects on moral and ethical philosophy.

The narrative follows the story of Eleanor Shellstrop, who wakes up in Lugar Bom when he dies, which would be equivalent to paradise. This ends up not being as good as it looks because Eleanor soon realizes that it was sent there by mistake.

This gives her an idea: She asks for help from the philosophy professor and his supposed soul mate, Chidi to help her become a really good person, worthy of being in that place. Netflix exclusive!

The Good Place Series to watch in family

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