Serial numbers for Apple products will be random

You know all that “mamata” of being able to identify certain information by serial number of a product, such as its batch or date of manufacture? Apple, according to the MacRumors, wants to end this.

The site yesterday received information from a trusted source about a new method of random definition for serial numbers of Apple products, to take effect in late 2020.

Instead of using a defined structure of letters and numbers, like today, we will probably have a completely random sequence of digits that will make it impossible to get any information about the product simply by looking at its serial number.

Serial number in macOS

With the move, the source says, Apple also hopes to make it harder for counterfeiters to work on its products.

The new serial structure will only be valid for new products launched after the implementation of the new method – which MacRumors nor is he sure yet whether it will be worldwide. The serial numbers of previous products will remain the same.