Sergey Brin leads development of Google +1

In addition to the “Emerald Sea” project, or better known as “Google Me”, the Mountain View giant would also be working on a project called “Google +1” or “Google Plus One” and would be led by co-founder Sergey Brin.

According to several TechCrunch sources, the Google +1 project is often revealed as a recent version of Google Me and possibly the most highly rated promotional name for launching the service.

In its current state, the project is said to be a toolbar that appears on many of Google’s services. While some sources say the functionality may be integrated into the Chrome browser, others say it will be a Chrome extension.

Other sources also speculate that the project would function as a complementary feature for the social layer, something similar to “like” and “retweet”, from Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

Another source, however, suggests that the name is not yet defined. Google is also considering: “@Google” or “At Google”.

Internal changes at Google

To prevent further information from leaking out of the project, Brin ordered the critical projects to be migrated to Building 2000, a new Google campus within the Mountain View complex.

It was also revealed recently that “there are still many complaints” around the project. This information appears to be synchronized with previous news that the internal disagreement has led to delays, including the postponement to 2011.