Screenshot do app Serato Pyro

Serato Pyro is a new app for iOS that mixes music automatically and intelligently

We are already in the ninth version of iOS and even today I miss a simple feature that I love in iTunes on OS X: cross fade between tracks. I know there are apps that do this, but even through Apple Music I always prefer to go with the native app.

Now an app has emerged that goes beyond a simple cross fade, promising to make automatic and intelligent mixes between tracks: the Serato Pyro, created by professional DJs.

Serato Pyro app icon

Serato Pyro mixes his songs perfectly, without missing a beat.

Start with the music stored on your device or stream more than 30 million songs from your Spotify Premium account. If you created a playlist large or grouped just a few songs, the Pyro will go into action after those songs are played and keep going with the continuous mixing of the songs.

It is simple and intuitive, being the perfect music player for parties, trips and physical activities.

Totally universal (compatible not only with iPads and iPhones / iPods touch, but also with Apple Watches), Pyro intelligently combines music, makes suggestions based on previous selections, brings a superb design and can work continuously automatically.

Watch a promotional video:

Here, another one about the technology behind it:

Serato Pyro is now available in 16 languages, including Portuguese. 🙂

(via MacNN)