Seoul Declaration calls for more convergence and competition for the Internet

Political leaders from 39 countries signed a joint declaration in Seoul, Republic of Korea on the future of the Internet economy. The document, promoted within the scope of the OECD, calls for participation in the convergence between networks, devices, applications and services and for the promotion of competition for the defense of users and to guarantee the continuation of an open and decentralized network development.

Among the proposed policies is the incentive to create creative solutions that contribute to the development of the Internet, maintaining an open environment for free exchange of information, research and innovation. The provision of information and content from the public sector, scientific data and works of a cultural nature and the encouragement of working together in knowledge networks between universities and laboratories are other commitments made in the Seoul Declaration.

The document also calls for strengthening confidence in the Internet, its security, consumer protection and people’s privacy, “as well as using the potential of the Internet to address global challenges such as improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, or the prevention and mitigation of global risks “, says the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in a statement.

The most recent OECD ministerial meeting follows an identical meeting held in 1998, in Ottawa, Canada, on Electronic Commerce, where policies were formulated in areas such as privacy, security, taxes and consumer protection.

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