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Today we will talk about movies, sitcoms, actors, directors, premieres, theaters, news, videos: everything that has to do with the world of cellulide, of film. And our review will unravel SensaCine, an app that we consider essential for movie lovers. So if you were interested, keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Explaining the functions of SensaCine is almost unnecessary, as the app explains itself. From the initial page, such a finding is confirmed. In it you will find the following categories:

  1. Movies
  2. Movie theaters
  3. Sries
  4. Actors
  5. News
  6. Videos
  7. My SensaCine
  8. Informations

In MoviesYou will have information about the movies that are currently playing. Click on the movie you are interested in and get information about the release date, synopsis, distribution, trailers, photos and news. All about the movie chosen. Still in this option, it is possible to obtain information about the actors of the movie in question. If you want to know about other movies made by the actor of interest, here you will have this data.

It is also here that you can locate the movie in a movie theater or search for the nearest current location. And of course, all about the movies, the schedules, etc. Too bad the app doesn't have a feature that makes it easy to buy movie tickets. Perhaps in the next version, such a feature will be added and make the app complete. What is already available possibility to share information about movie sessions on social networks and also by email.

You can give your opinion about the watched movies and also share it. For this there is one condition: a registration in SensaCine will be required. The most anticipated premieres are also in this option. Most interestingly, the image seen in the app is the same as the movie poster. Lastly, we should mention the My Movies section, which stores the movies you consider favorites.

In Movie theaters where you can locate the nearest rooms of your current location. All displayed on a map. If any room is missing from the results, you can enter it.

In Sries Only three tabs. The first one displays the top of the most viewed series. It's not so clear what the app is based on to get this data. You certainly do not agree with some positions from the displayed list. The second tab displays the calendar, that is, informs when and on which channel a new season of a specific series will premiere. In this section, there is also space for you to review and save information about your favorite series.

The same scheme also applies to the section Actors. The list with the top actors unclear. In the Spanish list, for example, the famous porn actor Nacho Vidal the most voted. No d to really understand why it appears on this list.

In News, as can be deduced, you will find the latest news regarding movies, actors, directors, etc. It is possible to share them through social networks.

J in VideosYou will see the trailers of the most anticipated movies. It is a large video library and we can say that you will find all about the news and premieres of the cinematographic industry.

at the My SensaCine that you can register. Once you have signed up, your profile will be displayed in this section, including your reviews of the movies you see and the rooms you go to and comment on.

Finally, in Informations, you can rate the app and access it through Facebook or Twitter.

Conclusion:This is all that SensaCine offers. This is undoubtedly a great app about cinema and series. Certainly who has it, do not miss any detail of the current small and large screen. SensaCine lacks an option to buy movie tickets. Nothing perfect …

Screen & Controls

The sensational, perfect SensaCine. The app offers a lot of information and yet, all clearly. The user interface is super easy to use and everything is very intuitive.

Speed ​​& Stability

We experienced a break in SensaCine during our tests. Videos are quick to load and generally run stably and efficiently.

Price / Performance Ratio

Downloading SensaCine is easy, fast and free from Google Play Store.