“Senhora, Volta Aqui”, internet meme, wins hilarious game for Android


The meme of the lady who runs away from the reporter became a game.

The goal is to help Edinair run from the reporter, jumping over obstacles and dodging people.

In a report by TV Anhanguera, affiliated to the broadcaster Globe in Goiás, the civil servant Edinair Maria dos Santos was spotted hitting the point and leaving without working.

When asked by the reporter about this situation, Edinair decide … run away!

And the result went down in the history of the internet.


The situation turned meme.

And a few days later, it became a game for Android.

THE «Lady Back Here”Was launched by the producer Nerdeek and has a retro look, in the best style Flappy Bird and Timberman.

The objective of the game is to help Edinair running from the reporter and the cameraman, jumping over obstacles and dodging people, while the speed increases.