Send nudes? Then check out the new PornHub app, TrickPics

Send nudes? Then check out the new PornHub app, TrickPics

We have a new face in the sea of ​​fun camera apps a new face, say, more saidinha than the already known options of Snapchat, Instagram, Clips, Sprinkles and limited company.

However, I challenge you to find something "different" at first sight with the TrickPics. Enter your page on the App Store, or on Google Play, or even on its official website (one of them, at least). It looks more like an option than any other, right?

Well, it just seems. And all this smoke screen exists just for the app to be accepted in the highly modest App Store, good to note. Well, let me tell you the shocking truth: TrickPics PornHub, one of the largest pornography sites in the world. Your purpose? Give a touch of humor (or provocation, as you wish) fine and ancient art of send nudes.

You won't find (understandably) any mention of PornHub on the app page on the App Store officially, the app's producer is called ENJOYIT360. But just enter this other presentation site (attention: adult content) that you will have a very clear idea of ​​what TrickPics: it is for you to include in your photos “elements” that hide the most sensitive parts.

In other words, you can add your work of art depending on what you're trying to cover an eggplant, a gift box, a pair of propellers, a lightsaber or a Donald Trump wig (believe me, I'm serious). The best part that we are not talking about is simply adding aesthetic effects to your photo once you have finished editing, the application processes the image and creates a GIF in which the eggplant sways, the propeller rotates, the lightsaber is activated and the flowing wig through the air. That is, if you are intending to make your photos more Sexy, I think you're in the wrong place.

Once ready, the images are saved locally on your device, the app does not send anything to the cloud, to guarantee the user's privacy. Then, you decide what you want to do with them: keep it under lock and key just in case, send it to contacts or even post it on social networks with a hashtag the service; whoever does this, even win a free period of the “PornHub Premium” plan.

TrickPics is available for free on the App Store and for some reason weighs an absurd 959MB (yes, almost 1GB). I kindly ask that you at the post your tests down here in the comments.

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(via AppleInsider)