Send Google Maps directions straight from your PC to your smartphone

Google app integration is still a little flawed, but Big G is creating ways to make apps work better with each other, whether it's on your PC or your Android. A new function of sending routes from Google Maps desktop proves this effort.

maps pcb
Send the location straight from your PC to your Android. / ANDROIDPIT

With an update to the desktop version of Maps, Google now allows you to send the route found directly to your Android smartphone. Everything is very simple and easy to use: After searching for a location in PC Maps, the option appears. Send to device. Ready, just click, choose the device and ready, you will get a notification on Android.

notification map
Notification with data and options. / ANDROIDPIT

Maps notification lets you choose three actions: open the app with your chosen location, start navigating to the location, or show possible routes. After opening the app, it works normally, showing information about locations, driving directions, foot and public transportation and cycling where available.

Install on Google Play

The new function is simple but extremely useful for those who use both PC and smartphone at the same time.

What would you like to see on Google Maps?

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