Send and receive email in chat format with the Spike app

Send and receive email in chat format with the Spike app

Chatting through email can be a daunting task for many users, but in the age of messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, the format and design of email clients increasingly seems 'outdated', making the experience so often. Boring.

The act of sending and receiving emails, however, does not have to be something silly that is the premise of the app. Spike, which transforms conversations (threads) of emails into something much more familiar.

Spike Dark Mode on iPhone

In the wake of bubble conversations (separated by color and each on one side of the screen), Spike closely resembles iMessage. As email messages are often not very long, the app creates a design that helps make communication more effective by removing certain visual pollutants such as headers, signatures, etc. All this information, however, can be viewed with just one touch.

Spike also includes a priority inbox to highlight your key conversations, like other platforms (like Outlook). Another feature, this exclusive to Spike, is the creation of groups by work departments, sports teams, among others without having to download other apps to manage these channels.

Recently, the app has also gained support (only in macOS) for the ability to schedule emails, which greatly increases productivity by advancing certain tasks and scheduling them at the right time. In addition to macOS, the service is also available for iOS, Android, Windows and web devices.

Spike on multiple platforms

If you are an Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, or Yahoo user and want to change the way you work with your emails, Spike may be one of the most interesting recent options.

Note that most features are available for free, but for a full experience, you will need to purchase a monthly ($ 8) or yearly ($ 72) subscription.

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