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Selfie stick: is it worth having the accessory?

It has already become a mandatory presence in almost every tourist place in the world. We decided to try out the notorious selfie stick and see what are the advantages of the accessory when taking photos with your Android.

In partnership with the electronics and accessories website Banggood, we tested a kit with selfie stick and tripod for photos from Dispho.

selfie stick2
Is it worth having a selfie stick? / ANDROIDPIT

The Dispho Kit comes with a three-part selfie stick and a tripod. The easily mounted selfie stick and its base features four buttons: one to turn on, two to zoom in and out, and four to take pictures. To get started, I need to click the power button to start pairing with Bluetooth. And then we should go to our smartphone's Bluetooth, look up the Dispho name, and pair the device. When this happens, the blue LED light of the selfie stick goes out (a sign that the device is ready).

selfie stick1
Selfie stick and Dispho trip. / ANDROIDPIT

In all, Dispho's selfie stick is 80 centimeters long and works great, focusing on the subject of the photo and shooting without so much delay. Made of carbon fiber, it weighs only 106 grams and can be used for a long time without the arm starting to hurt. Its battery has 200 mAh, and lasts up to eight days in standby.

selfie stick 5
The Bluetooth controls of the selfie stick. / ANDROIDPIT

The Dispho kit also comes with a very useful tripod. It holds the smartphone on your desk, making it a base for photos or if you want to use it as a web cam. If the trip is coupled to the second part of the selfie stick, it will also gain the 80 centimeter extension.

selfie stick10
The trip is very practical to support your smartphone. / ANDROIDPIT

Answering title question: If you take a lot of pictures with your smartphone and don't want to bother strangers all the time in a tourist place, for example, I don't see why not use the accessory. All the hype, however, tends to be ridiculous, like the priceless Belfie.

selfie stick 4
Dispho's trip stick and selfie stick. / ANDROIDPIT

You can win this Dispho Kit with selfie stick and trip on our weekend promotion. Stay tuned!

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