Self-curated, Fender presents five new playlists on Apple Music

I am not from the music field and understand little about the subject. Even so, Fender a brand recognized by me and anyone who has no affinity / contact with this world. And not least: we are talking about the main guitar manufacturer on the planet.

This week, she announced a partnership with Apple and is joining other companies / brands that have already become official curators of playlists at the Apple Music, such as Nike, Complex, Rolling Stone, Disney, VICE, Pitchfork and others.

We are excited to enter into this partnership with Apple, bringing an experience of music cured by Fender to longtime fans and those who are familiar with the brand. Regardless of whether you are falling in love with the next up-and-coming artist or rediscovering one of the most peak guitar solos ever recorded on a Stratocaster these five new playlists honor a diverse range of artists and iconic visionaries and an emerging generation of artists, who are taking guitar and music ahead.

Evan Jones, Fender CMO.

Fender playlists on Apple Music

Fender is responsible for taking care of five new playlists of the service streaming from Apple. They are: “Roots, Rock & Twang – A Mix”, “Best of Under the Radar”, “Best of Everything Acoustic”, “Best of the Rock You Need to Know” and "Shuffle – Today’s Hits". The lists are composed of handpicked songs, which use the famous guitars. There are more than seven decades and countless genres available, representing all the diversity represented by artists who use Fender instruments.

For Apple Music interested and subscribers, just visit this link to enjoy the new playlists.

via AppleInsider