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See you tomorrow! How to uncheck WhatsApp and Facebook data sharing option

WhatsApp updated the terms and privacy policy on August 25, and said that being a company part of Facebook, it was giving users a chance to choose to share their WhatsApp account data with the social network. The purpose of this would be to optimize their experience with Facebook advertisements. If you do not want this type of service, you have until tomorrow to remove the data sharing permission between WhatsApp and Facebook for this purpose.

You have until September 24 to accept the new WhatsApp terms and privacy policy. If you do not agree to the use of your information by the courier, after this period you will have two options: accept the terms as they are or delete your account.

You will have until September 24 to accept the new WhatsApp terms

Also, whether or not Facebook accepts its experience with ads and products through this permission does not change whether the company has access to your phone number or monitors the time you spend on the messenger. In contact with the WhatsApp communication team in the country, I have been confirmed that regardless of your choice, WhatsApp will share some data with Facebook:

"For example, the phone number people use to sign up for WhatsApp along with information such as when and how they use our services (…) so that we can understand the ways in which we use the service, security systems and combat abuse and spam between services. "

That said, the process below should be followed by those wishing to maintain an account on the service.

Unchecking the option to share WhatsApp account data with Facebook to optimize ads

Method 1

There are two ways to accomplish this process. The first of these is when the popup with terms and privacy policy pops up as soon as the app is launched. Before clicking the "Accept" button, first ask for "Read more" about the changes.

Doing so will remove the term selection that would allow you toShare your WhatsApp account data with Facebook to improve your Facebook advertising and product experience, and then accept the new WhatsApp terms of use and privacy.

facebook whatsapp method 1
Before accepting the new WhatsApp terms, remove Facebook's permission to access your WhatsApp account data.

Method 2

The second form is made by revoking this permission after you have accepted the new terms. Often, we do not read the terms of the services we use and, as a result, permissions are already enabled by default.

If this was your case, go to WhatsApp Settings> Account and uncheck Compart. account data:

facebook whatsapp method 2
Accessing the settings, you will have until September 24 to revoke the permission to share your messenger account data with Facebook / AndroidPIT

Remember that if this option remains checked until September 24, Facebook will have the irrevocable permission to make suggestions for you ads on the social network.

Have you opted to share your WhatsApp account data with Facebook?

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