“See” will win season 2;  Jason Momoa compares series favorably to “Game of Thrones”

“See” will win season 2; Jason Momoa compares series favorably to “Game of Thrones”

“See” will win season 2;  Jason Momoa compares series favorably to “Game of Thrones”

?See? may not be the biggest sweetheart of critics yet, but that doesn?t mean Apple is giving up on one of its higher budget series. On the contrary: according to the RadioTimes.com, a second season production is basically confirmed.

The news does not come from Apple itself and therefore should be treated as an expectation until further notice. Still, the co-protagonist Alfre Woodard said, in an interview with the website, that the whole thing is already basically right:

Believe me, we already spent the money. We will definitely be back for the second season.

The protagonist Jason Momoa also touched on the subject, but he was a little more cautious: ?It?s not official? Well, you didn?t hear that from me?? The fact is, with this whole budget, it?s very difficult for Apple to cancel one of its main initial series in the first season ? so yes, we can basically confirm a second season of ?See? soon.

New featurette

The second season of the series may still be undefined, but the first ? as well as Apple TV + as a whole ? will premiere tomorrow with its first three episodes. And, to catalyze the hype, Apple today released a featurette (kind of trailer interspersed with testimonies from the cast / crew and behind the scenes images) of the production.

Check it out:

The video provides some details about the production process of ?See?, as a testimony from consultant Joe Strechay, who trained the actors in the process of composing the characters, (almost) all blind. We also have the chance to see some more scenes from the series, with breathtaking images.

Better than ?Game of Thrones??

It is not the first time that we have heard comparisons between ?See? and ?Game of Thrones?. There are those who say, based on the theme and setting of the two, that the Apple series is a kind of ?spiritual successor? to the HBO blockbuster, which ended a few months ago.

For Momoa ? who, besides being the protagonist of ?See?, was also in ?Game of Thrones? ? talked about these comparisons and has no doubt that Apple?s production, at least for him, is ahead. In an interview with Sky News, the actor said the following:

Nothing compares to ?Game of Thrones?. For me, it?s one of the best series in recent history. And, you know, this is the first season[of[de?See?]. They are so different worlds ? you can?t compare. But personally? This is better for me.

Of course, Momoa is not the most reliable source on this subject: while he was playing a secondary character who only participated in the initial season of ?Game of Thrones?, in ?See? he has the role of the protagonist and much more lines and screen time. The actor notes that Apple production ?has its own world, which is very beautiful? and that the only thing the series has in common is that it is in both. We?ll see.

Jason Momoa in

In the same interview, Momoa and her castmates celebrated the opportunity that ?See? opens for hiring actors blind or visually impaired varied. As we know, the series takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where almost all of humanity has lost the ability to see, and Apple has taken the opportunity to value actors with related disabilities.

The actress Marilee Talkington, who is legally blind, stated the following:

Hopefully, this will create more opportunities for blind actors to be hired. They need training, they need exposure. ?See? is a series that, if we pick up the pace and do a few more seasons, surely we [os atores cegos] we?re going to get closer and closer to the main characters, so we?re kind of sowing the ground for that to happen.

Good news, isn?t it?

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