see which ones are right here.

Jogos de moda grátis para iOS: veja aqui quais os mais indicados.

A large category of games for iOS covers fashion – dress games, in general, are popular among women. This kind of fun brings a more light, especially for those looking for games that exercise creativity and do not demand much from the player.

Although it has this most basic premise, fashion games can present various themes and stories, where there is not only the intention to dress, but to develop a «life» for the character.

Free fashion games for iOS

Current fashion or even with real inspirations: some of the free fashion games for iOS that you will discover today offer opportunities to discover different styles, but from brands that really exist.

Even if you care about this detail or not, it brings even more quality to the game. So, see the list of fashion games for iOS devices that have good ratings on the AppStore and that are also free.

Please note that depending on the update of your operating system, the possibility of installation will vary.

The list of free fashion games for iOS is in alphabetical order:

  1. Campus Life: Fashion Girl:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

The first free iOS fashion game option is the Campus Life: Fashion Girl – fun style that makes you create your fellowship, where you collect amazing clothes, create events for fun and even compete to see who has more style among everyone in your fellowship.

Also, you can recruit new girls, in addition to buying rooms to enlarge the house and decorate it the way you want. There are only 43 reviews on the AppStore, with 4/5 stars.

You need to know English to understand the game!

  1. Covet Fashion:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

Covet Fashion it is very popular, with over a thousand reviews and with 4.5 / 5 stars. Simple usability, where it makes the user create complete visuals, from head to toe. The idea is to meet the challenges to earn Covet money and diamonds to continue acquiring looks.

The game is partnered with famous brands such as Calvin Klein. This way, you can buy all the clothes and accessories that exist in the game for real life.

Not only that, you can vote for the best productions and play with your friends so that your fashion house earns even higher scores!

  1. Fashion Design World:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

The objective of the game is to make you create your own boutique, where you will have the responsibility to create the clothes and make them available in the store, trying to sell them to customers.

You still have the possibility to decorate your boutique the way you find most attractive, hire sales assistants and prepare for events fashion.

That is, Fashion Design World is a fashion game that makes you manage your own store at the same time! They are 4.7 / 5 stars with 31 reviews only. The game is also all in English.

  1. Shopping Girl:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

Create your own style and shop at your favorite stores! Enhance your style with your own shopping assistant and don’t forget to fix your hair and makeup. Make combinations with t-shirts, skirts, accessories and shoes to compete in the disputes and try to beat the other models.

There are countless activities in a mall where you will dress in the best possible way to compete in the contests and parade as a model.

The game has 271 ratings and 4.7 / 5 stars.

  1. Hollywood Story:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

Ever dreamed of being a Hollywood star? This game promises just that (at least for your iOS device)! Build your acting career, master the red carpets and show your style. The game Hollywood Story

allows you to customize your avatar, choose clothes, hair style and makeup.

Win auditions and make lots of movies to win lots of fans. Create collections of clothes and perfumes for even more popularity and have fun with celebrities, dealing with gossip!

4.7 / 5 stars out of 220 ratings detail this game that is only in English.

  1. Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

Available in some languages, with the exception of Portuguese, this fashion game option features the protagonist Nikki – you will embark on a journey through seven nations with several different styles of design.

Choose your make-up and outfit, personalize it, play with friends and decorate your home. You can compete and battle against other players from around the world on different clothing topics.

The rating of the game is 4.6 / 5 stars with 616 reviews.

  1. Studio Fashion:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

With Portuguese as one of its languages, Moda Estúdio is a game for those who always wanted to be a fashion designer, that is, working with the creation and design of clothes!

Express your creativity by giving the best of yourself with several different and incredible designs to prepare you for fashion shows. Compete with other players and try to win!

Only 10 reviews are present for this game, with 4.6 / 5 stars.

  1. Runway Life:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

Build your modeling agency, recruiting the most attractive girls to have your fashion empire. Create your clothes from a huge selection of options, decorate your agency for perfect photo shoots and go to the salon to personalize your style.

Enter competitions to have the best agency in the world! In English only, the game is rated 3.4 / 5 stars out of 5 reviews.

  1. Stardom: Hollywood:


Become a celebrity in this fashion game! Here, you create your character, assembling the look from hundreds of options while on a very interactive adventure, with hateful agents, other arrogant celebrities and more.

Star in movies and TV shows to receive reviews and awards. Join trendy parties and clubs to flirt or interact with the Hollywood elite.

54 users’ reviews point 4.5 / 5 stars for Stardom: Hollywood.

  1. Superstar Life:

Free fashion games for iOS: see which ones are right here.

Stardom is the way in this last game on the list. Customize your avatar, choose your makeup, hairstyle and clothes! Complete the missions to collect experience and money – you will need to buy more items for your wardrobe.

Find the boyfriend of your dreams so he can give you gifts! Visit the gym, have a coffee or go to the disco. Don’t forget about work: choose between different careers to be even more influential.

They are 4.4 / 5 stars from just 12 player reviews.