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See what's new in Linux Deepin version 15.7

On the last 20th (August / 2018) the Deepin team released the new version of the system, arriving version 15.7 with some improvements, fixes and news compared to version 15.6.

One of the novelties was the adoption of a new standard for the numbering of distro versions, to make life easier for users.

The developers stated that as of verse 15.7, the Deepin will adopt the standard X Y Z to name the distro.

O X will be the number to identify the major version, which nowadays at 15, which according to their statement, means the version developed and maintained since 2015.

J o Y means the sub-version number of the system, which will receive updates every 3 months, as if it were a milestone.

J the letter Z the minor update of Deepin, which should only appear when there are major updates between two X.Y releases.

When the value Y In versions it is an even number, this means that they will receive more emphasis on upgrading features, since those with an odd value will have more emphasis on bringing optimizations to the system and improving its stability.

So Deepin 15.7 will be the first to inaugurate this new form of nomenclature.

Also new that Deepin 15.7 is in complete sync with the Debian archive with the latest updates available on it, so if you upgrade from previous versions to the new one, it will average 1GB and depending on your internet, This may take a while, so be patient to do this upgrade.

Another point they mention is the size of the system ISO, which in this version is leaner compared to the previous one, the new version has 2.5GB, which is not small compared to other distros, but also in the giant.

Developers have also announced the optimization and a number of tweaks to memory consumption, going from the current 1.1Gb to just 830MB and if you have a dedicated video card that may decrease slightly to 800MB.

Which shows that users of notebooks with hybrid cards have received a little more attention in this release.

The first novelty for this group was the improvement of the power saving mode, which according to Deepin's people that is automatically activated when the notebook is using only the battery, and the energy saving can reach up to 20%.

Another very good thing that was included was NVIDIA-PRIME for those who have hybrid gpu's and need to manage which video card to use.

One point that Deepin users complain about is the slowness of the district repositories, even with the community's efforts to make servers close to users, not always getting the expected result as Deepin's servers are located in China. With that in mind, they include a notification in the launcher warning that the download may take a long time.

Speaking of launcher, we added the Application Categories section when you enabled Deepin menu min mode.

Finally, some bugfixes:

Fixed memory leak caused by changing wallpapers;

Fixed deadlock issue of properties window in File Roller;

Fixed launcher loss of cone;

Fixed confused Intel Compatible Mode and Intel Acceleration Mode in Deepin Graphics Driver Manager;

For more information, you can access their blog.

Now tell us what you think about this news and if you have already updated your Deepin. =)

Until next time and a big hug.

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