See the stars on your Linux with Kstars

The infinitely enchanting field of astronomy, knowing stars, planets, galaxies and a huge range of possibilities, makes you think of how small in the face of such great discoveries, and the study of astronomy delights thousands of people, but nowadays how to interact with the stars have become more simplified, thanks to software like Kstars.

kstars-program-app-amateur-professional astronomy Kstars a free, multiplatform open source program, along the lines of the Stellarium, a very famous app for those in the area, including we have a posting with multiple programs It's worth a look if you're a teacher (whether human or exact), with it there is a chance to see a perfect graphic simulation of the sky, from anywhere on earth, date and time. The software is so powerful that it allows the observation of 100 million stars, 13,000 deep sky objects, planets, the sun, the moon, thousands of comets, asteroids, supernovae and satellites. interface-kstars-program-app-amateur-professional astronomy

Focused on students and teachers, they support a variety of simulations as well as include Kstars Astrocalculator to predict conjunctions and perform various astronomical calculations.

There are a number of features in the software that over time and use you will clearly discover, as an observation planner, a heavenly calendar, plotting altitude graphs vs. Time for any object, printing such graphs and more.

features-features-kstars-program-app-amateur-professional astronomy

Installing Kstars

To make the installation of Kstars very simple, all graphically straight from the Ubuntu store, then search for kstars and install the program. There are two options, the first in Snap and the second in a traditional way.

install-kstars-snap-deb-program-app-amateur-professional astronomy

And what is the difference?

The verse in Snap has the latest updates of the program, so if you want news it is recommended, however, its interface is all in English, if this is a hindrance recommend the second option, which even in a more outdated version, has our Portuguese language.


The following procedure for those who installed the Snap version by clicking on the option Permissions, several features that are disabled by default can be enabled, such as using the webcam and USB port.

permission-snap-kstars-program-app-amateur-professional astronomy kstars-program-app-android-astronomy-amateur-professional

Did you like the tip? This program reminded me of my childhood. I had some science books I got from Salvador-BA and I was always learning things, marveling at the planets, stars and the size of the stars compared to our Sun, which allowed me to go to the second stage of the National Astronomy Olympics. in mid-1998/1999 in elementary school.

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