See the main CES 2020 smart TVs

See the main CES 2020 smart TVs

With CES 2020 coming to an end, check out the main innovations in smart TVs at the fair and stay on top of what's to come

One of the great attractions in Las Vegas, during the CES 2020, throughout this week, were the smart TVs, be them 8K, 4K, which rotates, without borders or with cinema technology. With the biggest technology fair in the world coming to an end, we selected the main TV launches of the event, so you can stay on top of the latest news in the market.


Samsung Q950 8K Borderless Smart TV (Play: Samsung)Samsung Q950 8K Borderless Smart TV (Play: Samsung)

THE Q950 8K QLED the great highlight of Samsung , both in image and audio quality. The photo above shows the idea of ​​the screen well: edges almost nonexistent, with a thickness of only 15mm. So with 99% composed of pure canvas, we see an absurd proportion compared to any other competitor in the category. If you are at least 1.5 m away from the product, the border simply disappears.

As a consequence, what they call Infinity Screen (or “Tela Infinita”, in free translation) causes the light to “leak” to any wall where the Q950 is assembled, very reminiscent of Philips' Ambilight function. Her processor (AI 8K Quantum Processor) uses the technology of Quantum Dot, which Samsung has perfected over the years, to reschedule the content displayed on the screen intelligently and cover all 33 million pixels.

Talking about sound, she also proves herself as a champion. H six speakers positioned behind and around the screen, with a technology capable of track displayed objects to position the audio, even if it is narrow, creating an immersive experience. 5.1 surround sound that can still be attached to a soundbar. THE Q950 It will be available in three sizes: 65 ″, 75 ″ and 85 ″ and there is no price or launch date.

Will be the main cover of CES 2020 Best Products and GadgetsThe Sero Samsung's smart TV that spins (Play: Samsung)

J the model Samsung Sero, a curious way of embracing the vertical video, being able to transmit the contents of a smartphone to a 43 inch 4K device. It spins next to your cell phone and perfect for millenials. The TV has been on sale since last year exclusively in South Korea and will continue to do so until “a future date”, unannounced.


LG Gallery Series TV and RX RollableLG's Gallery Series and RX Rollable TVs (Reproduction: Disclosure)

OLED Gallery Series gives LG necessarily made for walls and, as you can see in the image above, as if it were a work of art in an art "gallery", which explains the name of the smart TV. She just gets 0.5 cm thick, since there are no side connectors, these are only at the rear of the product.

THE Gallery it can be controlled by voice, since it has a virtual assistant and a microphone that can always hear you. It is curious that the function itself can be deactivated, but it seems that this is a main function of the software. For audio, just connect the soundbar of your choice, which is an evolution of the Wallpaper model announced on CES 2017, which required the connection of a specific audio LG.

Another success announced in a CES (in particular, from 2018 to 2019), the Signature OLED TV R the difference appears again in this issue that now it will finally be released. The smart TV a Rollable OLED 65-inch that disappears completely at its base, with the simple press of a button, this being a unique feature that revolutionizes the design of any similar device.

It costs no less than 60 thousand dollars, or 244 thousand reais. For you to be aware, other 65 ″ OLEDs of their own LG cost about R $ 10,000 here. A 77 ″ 4K goes for just under R $ 40,000 and, in the USA, the absurd 88-inch 8K it's more or less R $ 122 thousand.


Sony Z8H Smart TVs (Release)Sony Z8H Smart TVs (Release)

There are two models Sony Z8H: both are 8K LED, coming in 85 ″ and 75 ″. With voice control, she Android TV 4K compatible at 120 frames per second. However, the high point of technology Sound-from-Picture Reality (translated as “Som-da-Imagem Reality”). As described by the company itself, technology literally “TV edges vibrate to emit sound ”, it seems that the sound is coming straight from the screen.

Following the tradition of the line Sony Bravia , a Bravia A8H stands out for its elegance in having a very low base, giving a refined touch to the support. Special detail: this base can still leave the product up to 7 cm from the furniture, when reoriented. The reason for the multiple functionality is that it can include a soundbar just below the screen, if it is the buyer's preference.

Sony Bravia A8H with X-motion clarity (reproduction: Sony)Sony Bravia A8H with X-motion clarity (reproduction: Sony)

At Bravia There are two applied technologies: X-Motion Clarity (a way to leave a natural look in movement, without loss of brightness) and the Ambient Optimization (system that compensates for different lighting levels in the image). The first technology makes smudges image of traditional smart TVs nonexistent at A8H without affecting the brightness, while the second can be noticed in images with contrast of shadow and light, as the details of each area are prioritized intelligently without "flattening" the image.


Philips 804 OLEDPhilips 804 OLED (Reproduction: Disclosure)

THE Philips launch its first OLED smart TV on American soil. With the name of 804, the TV has high contrast rates in 4K, HDR options with support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 and HDR10 + formats. As a company, the processor P5 ensures that the HD content looks even more in high definition, being able to “help” SDR images (Standard Dynamic Range, the old high quality standard).

As you can see in the image above, the colors “leak” from the edges of the smart TV. This is the function called Philips Ambilight, which will positively impact your experience by watching it. The lights help to illuminate the wall and do not tire the night view so much creating a similar effect Samsung Q950, which we mentioned earlier on our list. Coming in 65 or 55 inches, there is no date or value forecast, which must be similar to the competition.


Panasonic HZ2000 OLEDPanasonic HZ2000 OLED (Reproduction: Disclosure)

THE Panasonic HZ2000 OLED has a sound system composed of seven speakers, compatible with Dolby Atmos (surround technology, worthy of cinema). The model will use the same processor as last year's line, the HCX Pro Intelligent, with the addition of the “Filmmaker”(Filmmaker).

The function, announced last year that is almost self-explanatory, will prioritize “the vision” that filmmakers want you to have when watching their films. Therefore, having intelligent color control, for example, to leave the work most faithful as possible. There is even a video on “figures” of the seventh art, as James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan, explaining the function that will also go to other manufacturers.

Another feature helped by Dolby The technology Dolby Vision, which adapts the displayed content according to the lighting (whether dark or light, the experience will be the same) and, along with the sound system Dolby Atmos, you get almost a private cinema. There is no date, nor official prices.


P-Series Quantum X, by Vizio (Reproduction: Disclosure)P-Series Quantum X, by Vizio (Reproduction: Disclosure)

The largest smart TV Vizio until today (85 inches) to P-Series Quantum X, which will be optimized to receive the future generation of consoles headed by Sony and Microsoft, with lag of input beating the 15 milliseconds. If you consider that a blink of an eye 20x slower than that (about 300 milliseconds), the performance of an HDMI input is crucial to a multiplayer game, and the Vizio takes care that the latency remains very low.

This TV 4K Ultra HD still supports Dolby Vision and HDR10/HDR10 +, being reinforced by the new IQ Ultra processor, which delivers the maximum of Quantum Dot technology from the manufacturer. She was still quite shiny, 3,000 nits, with 792 zones of local darkening, that is, in theory, the optimal contrast, and white is really clear. Managing to house almost twice as many colors previous P-Series models, it is also available in 75 and 65 inches.


TCL Roku Mini-LED, from TCL (Reproduction: Disclosure)TCL Roku Mini-LED, from TCL (Reproduction: Disclosure)

By joining other manufacturers of 8K TVs, TCL comes up with Mini LED 8K Roku, which will be launched later this year. An upgrade from the brand's previous smart TVs, Mini-LED technology ensures that dark areas are like black ink and, in contrast, you will also be able to see the lightest areas in full detail even if you are in a rich environment. lighting.

And they learned from the criticisms of the past few months, since the TCL corrected problems of 8-Series 4K, from last year, as the angle of view is not favorable since 8K has glass panel technology, the lighting does not become misaligned when viewed at certain angles. With HDMI 2.1 inputs, there is the automatic game recognition, supporting variable refresh rate.

Finally, the name is given to streaming integrated, Roku, which instead of being “a Netflix”Works like the Fire TV Stick (from Amazon) being a hub for other platforms. The TV also works with Google Assistant and with the Alexa. Honorable less: a TCL also launched a line of 4K and 8K smart TVs with cinema technology, with IMAX badge and certified by THX to run games in maximum quality.

With so many options, is it easy to choose a favorite? Well, we also want to have a spare space in our rack (and an infinite pocket) to be able to hold such a device at home.

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