Veja as primeiras fotos  e vídeos  feitos com o Samsung Galaxy S9 e Galaxy S9+

See the first pictures and videos made with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +

Samsung introduced its new high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ yesterday at the beginning of Mobile World Congress. The company released all hardware specs and listed it in an infographic comparing the Galaxy S9 with the previous model, the Galaxy S8. You can check the comparative in this news. News

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Among all the features and components presented, the Korean company made a point of focusing more on the camera. The broadcast video provided begins and ends by talking about the possibilities offered by it. The camera comes with double aperture (F / 1.5 and F / 2.5), up to 920fps recording for slow motion video, augmented reality using the wizard Bixby and other features like iris recognition screen unlock and custom emoji creation.

The idea is to offer a device with a reimagined camera that is compatible with the way we communicate today. Watch the video below.

Now that we have the specs, just check out the examples of what he is capable of, below you will see photos and videos made with the Galaxy S9 + devices that were sampled in the MWC this year. Images only with the Galaxy S9 have not yet been officially released.

Video examples in 1080p common Galaxy S9 +:

Examples of photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S9+ with opening F / 1.5: Examples of photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S9 + with opening in F / 2.4:

Only two selfie photos were released:

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