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See the evolution of the most popular iPhones models, month by month, since 2007

We speak here with some frequency about the commercial performance of iPhones and the impact of each model on the smartphone market. But do you know what was missing? A visual way to understand how each of the Apple phones marked its generation.

Now, no more: the channel Captain Gizmo, from YouTube, recently published a video with the most popular iPhone models every month for the past 13 years – that is, since the launch of the first iPhone, back in June 2007.

Obviously, some of the data is approximate – not least because Apple stopped releasing exact sales figures for iPhones (and other products) some time ago. Even so, the channel gathered sales information collected by analysis agencies and other reliable sources, showing the average performance of each model month by month. Check it out:

The most impressive part of the video, of course, is noting the blockbuster that was the duo iPhone 6/6 Plus: until today, almost six years later, no Apple model has even come close to the smartphones launched in 2014 – and which, according to the data gathered, had an accumulated sales of (breathes) 222 million devices. Yes!

It is interesting to note, also, some devices that sold less than one could imagine: the first iPhone SE, for example, never managed to get much prominence on the chart, even with a low price and attractive features – we’ll see if its successor, launched a few months ago, will do better.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE

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Cash price: from R $ 3,329.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 308.25Colors: black, white or (PRODUCT) REDCapabilities: 64GB, 128GB or 256GBLaunch: April 2020

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In this same vein, it is also worth checking out the infographic produced by Bank My Cell – in addition to bringing cumulative sales data for each device, the timeline also brings the main highlights, specifications and news of each model. A real time travel for those who like that dose of nostalgia.

After that, I pass the ball to you: which of these iPhones did you have? And what was everyone’s favorite? Leave your testimonies below.

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