See how to update WhatsApp and keep your phone safe

Updating WhatsApp is constantly required to receive the latest messenger updates as well as bug fixes. AppGeek explains how to download the new version of Messenger on Android and iOS. It also teaches how to enable automatic app update on both operating systems.

How to update WhatsApp on Android

1. Open the Play Store, Google App Store. type it Whatsapp in the search bar to find the app;

How to Update WhatsaApp

2. If the messenger is not up to date, there will be a button Update. Tap on it.

  • If the application is up to date, be written Open instead of update.

How to automatically update apps on Android

By choosing to automatically update everything on the Play Store, the user no longer has to worry. Whenever a new version of an application comes up, the service will install itself.

If you are concerned about spending your data, you can configure these updates to be done only when you are on a Wi-Fi network.

Just follow the path: Menu () Settings Update apps automatically. Then choose whether you want Update apps over any network or Wi-Fi only (most recommended for those with limited data package).

How to update WhatsApp on iPhone

1. Open the App Store and go to Updates;

2. Tap the button Update, which appears next to WhatsApp Messenger.

How to automatically update apps on iPhone

IPhone also lets you update apps automatically. With this, the user can rest easy, without worrying about always accessing the app store to do the upgrade.

If you want to enable the option, go to Settings Your Name iTunes and App Store enable option Apps Updates.

How to update WhatsApp

I want to update WhatsApp, but I can't

According to WhatsApp itself, this can happen for a number of reasons on Android. Some of these errors are associated with codes and in other cases alerts are displayed. When viewing them, just follow the corresponding instructions.

There is not enough space available on the device

If you see this message, you might want to clear the Google Play Store cache to try to reclaim space on your device.

To do this, follow the path: Set up Apps & Notifications See all apps Google Play Store Storage> Clear cache Clear data OK. Then restart the smartphone and try updating the messenger one more time.

If you still can't update the app, you can try space in the following ways:

  • Clear device cache: Configure Storage Free up space;
  • Transfer data and apps from memory to an SD card if the smartphone has input;
  • Search for apps, photos, and videos you no longer want and delete them.

The above instructions also fit for error codes 101, 498 and 919.

Error codes 413, 481, 491, 492, 505, 907, 910, 921, 927, 941 and DF-DLA-15:

In such cases, the guideline will remove Google Account from the device, restart it and reconnect Google Account. Then you should clear the Google Play Store cache and then try to download the user again.

  • Remove Google Account from device: Set Up Users and Accounts Your Google Account Remove Account
  • Add Google account on device: Set up Users and Accounts Add Google Account Login
  • Clear Google Play Cache: Set up Apps & Notifications See all apps Google Play Store Storage> Clear cache Clear data OK.

Error codes 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC errors, invalid package file, installation, or file download failure:

First, follow the same instructions given for the message. There is not enough space available on the device. By confirming that there is space, download the Messenger APK, made available by WhatsApp itself for cases like these. Comes Download now and then allow the device to install the app.

This item is not available in your country.

If you see this message, the instruction will also download the APK available from the WhatsApp official website. Go to Download Now, and then allow the device to install the app.

This app is not compatible with your Android device.

This error appears for smartphone users with versions lower than Android 2.3.3. They are no longer supported by WhatsApp and therefore updates are no longer available.

Why update WhatsApp (and other apps)?

how to update whatsapp

Keeping your phone apps up-to-date is crucial not only for the latest news, but also to stay safe. Updates often contain bug fixes, instabilities, and security holes found in apps.

In the year 2019 alone, WhatsApp presented several loopholes that left users vulnerable. These include data theft while receiving MP4 files and the existence of malicious GIFs that allowed hackers to crack accounts.

Upon detecting these issues, the developer team often provides emergency updates with bug fixes. By lowering them, users are no longer exposed to potential risks.

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