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See how to test for COVID-19 in São Paulo, through Rappi

Company initiative starts selling the test for COVID-19 in So Paulo, through Rappi. In addition, for each test purchased, another will be donated

Through a partnership with several companies, the delivery application Rappi announced that go make test available for COVID-19 on its platform. Through the initiative Movement # 2in2, the company will sell the exams and make another one available to people who cannot afford the test.

Through the Rappi, those interested can schedule the exam and make an appointment at the appointed time. For now, the service is only available in the city So Paulo and costs R $ 251 each, cost price, ponders the company. For the exam to be carried out, Shopping Iguatemi So Paulo has given up its parking lot for testing in a drive-thru scheme. The collection will be carried out by professionals from the Health area who were trained by the Consultancy Company. Partner Laboratories Movement # 2in2 I will do the analysis of the tests.

Rappi and other companies started testing for COVID-19 in So Paulo Rappi and other companies started testing for COVID-19 in So Paulo

In all, 100 people are involved in the program. Among them is the coordinator of the Contingency Center for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in the State of So Paulo, the infectologist David Uip.

How to buy the test for COVID-19 at Rappi

In the application itself Rappi, customers can find a button on the campaign, where you can purchase your test for COVID-19, choose the best day and time, and donate an exam to people in vulnerable situations. See below:

Step 1: Click on the menu "Test COVID-19", choose the amount and, if you want, you can make a donation in "Do you want to donate another exam?";

Step 2: After reading the entire procedure about the exam, click on ?I authorize?;

Step 3: Finally, just choose the best day and time to take the test, and complete your purchase.

Examination type

THE Rappi is working with testing for COVID-19 like serological, which also tells you if the person has already developed antibodies. According to the company, the exam has 98.6% specificity and sensitivity ranging from 76.5% to 85.7%. The result obtained from the blood collection is different from the test available in pharmacies. After completion, the citizen will receive the result in up to five days by email.

Rappi and the other companies involved work with a COVID-19 serological test Rappi and the other companies involved work with a COVID-19 serological test

Among the rules, one person can buy up to 5 tests, everyone must be over 10 years of age and present an original photo ID at the time of service. If you do not show up on the day and scheduled time, the citizen will have to pay a fee of 40% of the total value of the exams.

The company did not give details on goals, but said that it intends to expand the initiative to other regions. After So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro should be the next city to have Movement # 2in2. In addition to Rappi, the campaign that makes the test for COVID-19 accessible also has support from Loggi, Consultancy Company, Vitta, Mafra Group, Renovatio, Iguatemi So Paulo and other companies.

Source: Rappi.