See how to save an Instagram live on IGTV and mobile

See how to save an Instagram live on IGTV and mobile

Learn how to save an Instagram live on IGTV and your phone. See also how to share the live on Instagram Stories

At lives are on the rise. And now you can save yours. In this tutorial, the Showmetech teach you how save an Instagram live on your cell phone and IGTV and how to share the videos of your live streams on your Instagram Stories.

Artists, digital influencers and people in general are mobilizing on social networks like Instagram and YouTube to keep in touch with fans and friends through live streams. It has everything: from classes on the most diverse subjects to improvised shows at home.

The novelty that you can now save your lives from Instagram at the IGTV, so that they are available to be watched for more than 24 hours, and on your smartphone, so that you can edit (if you want) and share on other social networks.

It is important to remember that in order to have access to these features, you need to update the Instagram for the latest version, which is already available for Android and iOS.

How to save an Instagram live on your smartphone

The process for downloading your lives from Instagram on the smartphone very simple and equal to both Android how much in iOS.

To download your live on your cell phone, just do the following: when you close it, click on the option “Download video“. Ready! The video of your live will be saved in the gallery of your smartphone. This can take a while, depending on the length of the video and the speed of your internet.

Print from Instagram app to save lives Lives videos are saved without comments, likes and views

When downloading your live, only the saved video, not the comments, likes and who viewed it during the broadcast. And the option "download video" appears only for the author of the live, after it is closed.

How to save an Instagram live on IGTV

Another new power save an Instagram live at the IGTV. This is useful because the video is available both to followers who enjoyed the live and want to watch it again and to those who were unable to follow the live broadcast and want to see what happened.

The process for saving the live on IGTV much like saving it on your cell phone. Just do it like this: when ending your live, choose the option “Share on IGTV“.

Print from Instagram app to save lives

Then, just publish the video. When choosing this option, the Instagram upload your live video to your IGTV. After the upload is complete, the video will be visible in your page's feed on Instagram.

Print from Instagram app to save lives

To guarantee the operation of this resource, the time limit of the videos in the IGTV increased from 15 minutes to up to an hour. This is because this, too, is the time limit for each live in the Instagram.

Share your live on IGTV through Stories

Another useful resource to share your videos from IGTV On your Instagram Stories. The process for doing this is the same as sharing posts in stories. See below:

  1. Click on the “To share”In the lower left corner;
Print from Instagram app to share lives
  1. Click in "Add video to your story“;
Print from Instagram app to share lives
  1. Post the story.
Print from Instagram app to share lives

Ready! Your live, saved on IGTV, be shared and be accessible to everyone who follows you. So no one will be left out of what you do in your lives. That's if you want, of course.

Liked the ways to save lives from Instagram? Also see how to download videos and images from Instagram from websites, extensions and smartphone apps, and tell us your experience in the comments!

Source: Instagram Help Center