See how to include CNH Digital on your iPhone without having to go to the DMV

Since last year, it is already possible to put a cell phone digital version of driver’s license (CNH – National Driver’s License) which legally replaces the paper document. However, the excessive bureaucracy made most people give up the process or eternally “leave it for another day” (which is the case of this one who writes to you). For those who do not have a CPF digital certificate (which is paid), it was necessary to physically go to a DMV (State Department of Traffic) to complete the data. Result: only 1% of the country’s drivers requested the digital version of the CNH.

To make it easier, Denatran and Serpro introduced validation through facial recognition, which allows citizens to carry out the entire process directly on their cell phones, without having to travel.

Unfortunately, if you do not fit into a standard set by the system, you will have a hard time being recognized by the application.

The novelty remains valid only for those who already have the new printed CNH model, with the QR Code on the back. Who still has the old wallet, will have to wait for the renewal or else request a duplicate (with costs).

The new biometric facial validation is present in the application, which uses the Federal Data Processing Service (Serpro) to validate whether the user’s face is the same person as the photo in the wallet. After associating the CNH with the device, the digital document will be registered in the application and will have the same validity as the printed document. Some have even used it to board domestic flights across the country.

Those who already have the application installed on the iPhone, need to update to version 2.3.0. Who does not have, just download it for free on this link.

How to install CNH Digital

Step 1: Install the Digital Traffic Wallet application on the iPhone.

Step 2: If you do not have the registration in the application, do so, confirming the link sent by email. Sign in.

Step 3: Touch the ➕ button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Touch “CNH Digital”To add your wallet in the app.

Step 5: Choose the option “Mobile validation“.

Step 6: Get your CNH on paper and scan the QR Code on the back with the application.

Step 7: Follow the instructions for registering with the iPhone’s front camera. You need to fit your face in the presented frame and follow some steps, like closing the left eye, then the right and finally, smile. If it takes too long, time will expire and you need to start from the beginning.

Step 8: After validating the face, enter your cell phone number.

Step 9: Create a four-digit password. It will be requested whenever you use CNH Digital.

Flawed identification system

The theory is beautiful. But in practice …

The application is poorly adapted for screens from iPhone X. When taking the photo, the button to proceed is hidden under the bottom bar.

Don’t expect a Face ID level facial identification system, which won’t cause any problems if you wear a hat, cap, beard, mustache, if you just woke up, or if you’re wearing makeup for a party. This application is well limited and follows patterns that, if you run away from them, you won’t be able to authenticate your face.

For example, in my case, the CNH photo is very old. The last time I renewed they reused the original photo and because of that, the application now does not recognize the fact that I am beard. Either I shave my beard to include the digital wallet on my iPhone, or I will have to physically go to the DMV. A drug.

Another point: I know people who have difficulties in keep only one eye closed. It may seem silly and absurd to you who can do it easily, but know that there are a lot of people who have a hard time doing this. These poor people will also not be able to add the digital version of the wallet, because of Sepro’s plaster cast system. I already proved it, it gives error.

The fact of not having integration with TouchID / FaceID and having to type the password every time is something that bothers a little. When asked about a future implementation of this, the Sepro team stated that “there is already a study in progress for the inclusion of this practice in a new version, but still without prediction“. We hope it won’t take too long, as it is enough to incorporate the APIs already available from Apple. There are 12-year-olds who do this in their applications, so it shouldn’t be difficult for highly qualified professionals at the Federal Data Processing Service.

The digital document is registered in the application and will have the same validity as the printed document. If you are home and forget your wallet at home, the app will allow you to be properly identified if you need to. Access to CNH Digital works offline and therefore does not require an internet connection once added.

It is also worth remembering that CNH Digital works in just one device. If it is stolen or damaged, the digital document can be annulled so that it cannot be misused, and you will have to do the whole process again.