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See how to enable Instagram night mode and turn the app black

Instagram is a program that has the option of night mode. But different from what can be imagined, it is not possible to activate the feature, which turns the screen black, directly on the social network app.

The functionality is automatically activated when the user activates the dark theme in the mobile settings. The look promises battery savings and more eye comfort in low light environments.

Check out how to change the settings needed to view Instagram with the black screen on your Android or iPhone.

How to enable Instagram night mode on Android

To make Instagram look black it is necessary to have the Android 10 installed on the device. If your smartphone uses an older version of the system, the feature will not work.

1. Open the app To set up Android;

2. Comes Screen;

Dark instagram mode

3. Activate the relative option key Dark theme.

Ready! Instantly notice that the colors of the system went dark. So, when opening Instagram and other compatible apps like night mode they also have the layout darkened.

dark mode instagram

How to activate Instagram night mode on iPhone

IPhone users must have the iOS 13 installed on the device so that the dark mode is activated on Instagram.

1. Comes Settings;

2. Then, tap Screen and brightness;

3. On the next screen, check the box for the option Dark to activate dark mode.

dark mode instagram

The system gains darker tones on the spot, as well as apps that offer functionality, such as Instagram.

How to take Instagram out of night mode

Have you tried Instagram's dark mode and noticed that you prefer the traditional? Know that, for now, there is no way to disable the layout black social network independently.

That is, while the dark theme is activated on Android or iPhone, it will also be displayed on Instagram. Therefore, if you want to return to the original viewing mode, you need to change the system settings.

Just repeat the steps taught above. On Android, having to disable the option key Dark Mode. J on iPhone, s check the box below clear.

How to find out the cell phone system version

As we said, to be able to use Instagram night mode, you need to have Android 10 or iOS 13 installed on your device. If you don't know which version of the operating system you have installed, don't worry. AppGeek shows you how simple.

  • Android: app Configure Advanced System. In System update, the operating system version is displayed. If you want to check if there are any updates available, tap on System update. If it doesn't open, double-tap the option quickly. Automatically, the search for updates is done.
  • iOS: General Settings About. In Software Back, you have information about which one is installed on your iPhone. When an update is available, the user is notified with an upgrade alert on the screen General.

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