See how to always have the tool to remove the chip from your iPhone

When you buy the iPhone (or the iPad 3G), a small piece of metal (LiquidMetal, to be more precise) comes in the box, which serves as a tool to remove the SIM card (chip) from the device she first here). But if you are one of those who never know where she is at the moments she needs, here’s an obvious tip, but one that can make your life easier.

Instead of putting it in a specific place so as not to lose it, put it in your bunch of keys. So, in addition to always knowing where it is, you will have it at hand whenever you need it, even if you are away from home. After all, Apple did not facilitate the removal of the chip from the device, not least because the initial idea was that it would be blocked with the operator in which it was sold.

An alternative to opening the SIM drawer, if you don’t have the tool around, is to use a paper clip. Or an earring, as suggested by several readers.

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