See how movie rentals work on the iTunes Store Brasil

The arrival of iTunes Store in Brazil allowed us not only to buy music in an easy way, but also made available the movie rental, which can be viewed either on the TV (with Apple TV) or directly on the iPhone or iPad. It is the convenience of not having to leave the house to see the movie you want. ?

See how the movie rental process works, plus some tips on how to handle the files.

How movie rentals work on the iTunes Store

The iTunes Store allows you to rent a movie digitally by downloading the video file to your computer, iPad / iPhone or Apple TV. This file cannot be played on another device that does not have iTunes (or run iOS), nor can it be copied to digital media, such as DVD and pen drives. It is protected to only run on devices that are registered with the iTunes account it was rented on.

You have 30 days to start watching it, but once it starts, this period changes: 48 hours is the time you have left to see the entire movie. After that, the file disappears, as if by magic.

You can rent movies directly on your iPad, iPhone or Apple TV, but ideally, you can do the process on your computer’s iTunes program. That’s because if you rent on the device, it can only be seen there, while with iTunes, you can view it via AirPlay on Apple TV or transfer it to the iPad, if you want. If you rent directly on Apple TV or iPad, they can only be seen there.

When you download a movie from iTunes on your computer, a new Rental menu appears in the side column. If it is red, it means you have less than 24 hours to watch it.

From iTunes, if you transfer to the iPad, it erases the copy from the computer and leaves it on the device only. Thus, there are never two copies of the same film and can only be viewed in one place at the same time. Apple is obliged to do this in order for movie studios to allow their works to be made available in digital format.

Renting the movie

When viewing the movie page on iTunes, you have the option to either buy a copy permanently or rent it. There are generally two qualities available: HD (high definition) and SD (normal definition) and the price differs between them. SD is always slightly cheaper than the HD version and sometimes even promotions for $ 0.99.

It starts to download and, after a few minutes, already allows you to start viewing the movie. The speed with which this happens depends on your internet network.

In the end, iTunes rentals are the most practical way to watch a movie with your family without leaving your home. Just choose what you want to see at the moment and click on a button. Easier than that, just with an Apple TV. ?


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