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See how iOS 8 allows us to adjust various iPhones camera controls manually

It doesn't matter if you are a professional photographer or just like taking pictures with your iPhone. At photographic news brought by iOS 8 they are very cool and will please everyone.

We already talked about it a little, but the tap tap tap folks (developer of the Camera + app) exemplified these changes in Apple's new system very well. They are developing the sixth version of the app Camera + and showed how the user will now have much more control of the device's camera. See the video below:

With iOS 8, users will be able to adjust virtually everything on the camera manually. I'm talking about exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and new focus options (auto, touch to focus and completely manual focus). All of this, of course, is done through gestures on the screen, which makes the task of adjusting everything much simpler and easier.

Editing a photo in Camera + (extenses)

To top it off, there is still what Apple calls extensions. As we can see on the video, the photos taken with Camera + go directly to the Camera Roll, and can even be edited there using the app's features and filters, but without having to open it for that.

The video shows all of this happening in the Camera + app, but this will not be a particular feature of this app. Any developer or company that has a photo app can release these manual adjustments to users, if they want to. Obviously, if you want, more lay users will be able to continue taking your photos with all these adjustments in automatic mode.

Let iOS 8 come soon!

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