See 21 essential programs to install on your Windows PC

See 21 essential programs to install on your Windows PC

Did you format the computer? Did you just buy a machine? So check out the best programs for you to get the most out of Windows PCs

Who has PRAÇA know that one computer It is really useful thanks to the programs that are installed on it, from entertainment applications to productivity sutes. And when it comes to the operating system Windows, there are several program options – most free – that can be installed on any machine.

Thinking about it, the Showmetech selected 20 essential programs for you to install on PRAÇA with Windows. These programs will be useful for you who have just purchased a new computer, or have formatted your machine – and also serve to complement your list of installed applications. Our updated list for 2020 features productivity, creativity, leisure and communication apps, in addition to a selection of useful extensions for Windows 10. Check it out below:

Essential programs for your PC

Spotify Music

Spotify Windows screenSpotify is one of the best and most popular music streaming services today

Among the various streaming of music available, the Spotify still what stands out the most. You can use the free version of the platform, which offers a simpler and more limited experience, and the paid one, called Spotify Premium. This version offers one of the most complete experiences of streaming between the various operating systems. An advantage of the platform is the extensive collection, with thousands of artists, bands, albums, playlists and plugins.

The desktop version of Spotify offers some interesting features, such as playing local files (like your old MP3 library), organizing your playlists into folders (the mobile app can only view folders, and when creating them) and edit the cover art. playlists you have created.

The platform's algorithm occasionally makes personalized playlists according to what you've been hearing and offers interactive infographics of your musical taste. Plans start on R $ 16.90 per month.

The application is available at the Microsoft, in the Play Store and App Store. It is also possible to access a web version of the platform from a browser.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app screenFacebook Messenger app offers group chatting, sending files and video calls.

The new Facebook Messenger app has several useful functions to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, family and even companies. Among them, the most recent novelty is the group video call. Another advantage that you do not need e-mails or cell phone number to send a message to someone – just visit the person (or company) profile and click on the Messenger. In the software you can send audio, photos, videos, Gifs and several other types of files (such as text documents and slide shows). The synchronized chat on the smartphone and the computer.

The application is free and available at the store Microsoft and also for Android and iOS.

Microsoft Whiteboard (digital screen)

Microsoft Whiteboard app screenMicrosoft Whiteboard program is a blank canvas for you to create what you want, the way you want.

The application works through an interface designed for pen, touch and keyboard. It is literally a blank canvas on which you can create what you want, the way you want it, from doodling the outline of an idea to typing a panel of notes. It goes from creativity and necessity. It is also possible to collaborate in real time, bringing a team together on the same virtual screen from different devices. The screens are saved in the cloud of Microsoft, so they are safe and in sync with your devices.

The program is free and available for computers in the Windows Store and also for iOS.

Huetro For Hue (app for lamps)

Huetro for Hue application screenHuetro for Hue application offers resources to configure compatible lamps.

In the best internet of things (IoT) style, the app works in sync with connected lamps Philips Hue. In it, you can configure the entire color scheme that the lamps emit in the rooms of your home, choosing between "scenes" and "environments". One of the most fun options is “Disco”, in which it is possible to determine color palettes that vary according to the beat of the songs that are playing. It is possible to configure themes even for specific climates and synchronize the application with the Cortana, the personal assistant of Windows 10.

The program is free and available from the Microsoft store.

Your Phone (link PC with Android smartphone)

Illustration of the Your Phone appApplication Your Phone links PC and smartphone.

The app offers instant access to smartphone features directly on the computer. You can reply to messages and even make and answer calls, in addition to sharing images between devices. You can also manage notifications, mirror your screen and access smartphone apps on your computer.

The application is available on the Windows Store and Play Store, works on Windows 10 and the smartphone must have the Android 7.0 or later.

Microsoft 365 (Office)

Microsoft 365 app iconsMicrosoft 365 package paid but offers free options

An indispensable productivity suite. After all, the computer is also a working tool, isn't it? Especially now that the home office is on the rise. You probably know the Microsoft 365 – formerly known as Microsoft Office 365 – which brings Word (for texts), Excel (for spreadsheets) and Power point (for slides), among other useful programs.

The Microsoft 365 for Windows package is paid for, but there is two good news about it. The first is that you can access the basic features of Office for free online from a browser on PRAÇA. The second good news that Office is now available for Android (with the right to synchronize with Google Drive) and iOS.

Advanced SystemCare (optimization)

Advanced SystemCare program screenshotAdvanced SystemCare program offers several functions to optimize your computer.

The function of this program is to optimize your computer or notebook. The free version is simpler and does a general cleaning, and you can select what the program will examine before performing the optimization. Among the options are removal of spyware, cleaning useless files and system and disk optimization.

The program also offers tools to speed up the system and free up space in the RAM memory. The paid version offers advanced features, such as repairing the Windows, wipe disk and a “privacy shield”. This “shield” allows you to add any type of private files or folders for protection and blocks any suspicious processes that try to access your PC in real time.

The program is available for download on the website of the developer IObit.

Dolby Access (image and sound)

Dolby logoDolby Access application a bridge to Dolby Vision and Atmos.

The application is an access bridge to the image and sound resources of Dolby, which work on Windows 10, in LG OLED TVs and in Xbox. On PC and TVs, the app offers access to Dolby Vision, which configures the image of the device, and Atmos, which configures the sound. According to Dolby, both features make the experience more dramatic and immersive, offering more vivid details.

In case of Xbox, the application gives access to Atmos, which works in home theaters and headphones, offering clearer and more accurate sound during matches. In addition to ensuring more immersion in the game environment, according to Dolby the feature can bring strategic advantages to the player (depending on the game and the scenario in which they are playing).

The app is available on the Windows Store and paid for, but has a free trial period.

Realtek Audio Manager (audio manager)

Realtek logoRealtek's audio manager improves sound quality and compatibility.

Your PRAÇA you probably already have this program installed, but you may not know it. The software Realtek helps you better control the sound reproduction of Windows. This makes the audio quality better and reduces the chance of incompatibilities and other problems during use. In the program, you can configure the speakers (or speakers) and headphones connected to the device, equalizing the sound and assigning ambient effects, and the microphone.

If your Windows do not have this application installed, it is available from the Microsoft.

Media Player Classic (video player)

Media Player Classic interfaceMedia Player Classic is a lightweight and practical program.

The interface Media Player Classic It is quite simple, because the software proposal is different: it will be light and practical. The player supports virtually all video and audio formats, whatever the resolution, and everything “flows” very well. If you don’t care much for cool interfaces and prioritize practicality, the best video player option. The program is free and available on its official website.

If you prefer a player with a bolder and more modern look, then the best option is the original video player from Windows 10. If your Windows don't have it, the program is available at the store Microsoft.


Stranger Things series psterNetflix's original Stranger Things series has become a worldwide phenomenon.

You probably know that "Tudum". THE Netflix one of the most well-known streaming services today. Its catalog offers an extensive range of series, films, drawings, documentaries and even reality shows. One of the company's biggest differentials is the original production, with emphasis on Stranger Things and La Casa de Papel, which became worldwide phenomena. The great advantage of the application installed on the computer is the possibility to download content to watch offline, which is not possible by the browser. Currently, plans start in R $ 21.90 per month (prices may vary).

The application is available at the Microsoft and also in the Play Store and App Store. It is also possible to access the catalog from a browser.

Save to Pocket

Pocket logoIn Pocket you can save news, articles and videos to read and watch later.

a browser extension (in the case of Mozilla Firefox, is already incorporated) for the Pocket, which allows you to save news, posts, articles and videos to read and watch later. To access the PRAÇA the content saved, I need to login to the site. You can also access this content on your smartphone, through the app.

This is the advantage of Pocket: you save content on your smartphone to read on your computer and vice versa, because everything is synchronized. Another advantage that you can read (or watch) the content saved in Pocket itself, in a minimalist layout that resembles the “reader mode” of Firefox It's from Safari, or choose to “access the original” to consume the content on the website where it was published.

The browser extension is available in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari stores, from Apple. The application can be downloaded from the Play Store and the App Store.


Instagram screen for WindowsIn the Instagram app for PC d to see the feed posts, stories and videos from IGTV.

The social network of photos, stories and lives need no introduction, because you probably already know her. And you are probably used to accessing it on your smartphone and / or tablet. But it is also possible to access it on the computer, through the application. It is possible to access the photos, videos (both from the feed and IGTV) and stories on the smartphone. The content posting part, however, is still exclusive for smartphones.

The app is available at the Microsoft and also for Android and iOS. It is also possible to access the social network on PRAÇA from a browser.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop application screenMicrosoft Remote Desktop application allows virtual access to other PCs.

The program is for you to connect to a computer or to apps and desktops in a remote and virtual way. Access to these areas needs to be provided by an administrator user. So, the app helps you stay productive no matter where you are. In times of home office, a very useful resource.

The app is available on the Windows Store.

Safe In Cloud (password manager)

Safe In Cloud application screenSafeInCloud the best and cheapest password manager

Using a password manager is an interesting way to save and protect the data and login and password of the most varied services. O Safe in Cloud a great option in this sense, as it synchronizes your data using an account on Google Drive or another cloud storage service. It is the best password manager – and also the cheapest, with a single payment. You can access the program on your computer, iPhone or on smartphones and tablets with Android.

The application is available on the Windows Store, Play Store and App Store.


Twitter app interfaceTwitter brings timeline, customizable feeds, memes and threads about everything.

Home of the best memes and threads (threads, in free translation) on the most diverse subjects, the Twitter reference until today to find out about everything quickly and instantly, from political developments in the country to polemics on reality shows. The social network offers a timeline and customizable content feeds, as well as messages (direct and in group) and support for texts, photos, videos and Gifs. a place for you to express what you’re thinking and feeling, talk about your day (whether with tweets or fleets, which work similarly to the stories of Instagram), comment on what's going on or just enjoy memes and polemics.

The application is available at the Microsoft and also in the Play Store and App Store. It is also possible to access the social network from a browser.

Slack (platform for workgroups)

Slack app screenSlack application offers creation of working groups by themes, demands etc.

it is a program entirely designed to facilitate the dynamics of teamwork. It is possible to create work areas and include members and projects in it, organizing conversations and tasks by themes or demands. It is also possible to send direct messages to team members and create conversation groups.

The integrated platform with several external resources. Among them are the programs of the Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), the Google (Drive, Docs and the like) and the Dropbox. All of this facilitates the sharing and production of content in the daily life of a team.

The application is free and available for PCs, Android and iOS. It is also possible to access the platform from a browser.


See 21 essential programs to install on your Windows PCOn Skype you can send messages and make video calls.

At one time or another it will be necessary to make a video call with a friend or co-worker. O Skype one of the most popular tools for this, and it’s worth having it installed on PRAÇA – just be sure to disable the program auto-start. Since Windows 8, O Skype comes pre-installed as an app, and currently, there is an exclusive version for Windows 10.

If your Windows don't have the Skype, the program is available at the Microsoft and also for Android and iOS. Another alternative for those who want to join the Skype other messaging apps, like the Telegram and Whatsapp, the application Franz.

Capture and Sketch

Capture and Sketch program screenCapture and Sketch program allows you to take prints, annotate the image and share it.

This tool already comes with Windows and can be very useful in everyday life. With it you can take screenshots (or part of them), you can take notes on the image – with pen, touch or mouse – and save, paste or share in other applications. like the smartphone screen capture function, PRAÇA.

If your Windows does not have this app, it is available for free at the Microsoft.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Microsoft sticky notes illustrationMicrosoft sticky notes provide simple space for notes.

If post-it notes are missing from your office and / or home, try this app that comes with Windows 10. The virtual sheets are fixed on the desktop and are a simple way to save an idea or reminder quickly without disturbing your tasks on the computer.

You can create notes, type, write by hand (with a stylus for your device's screen), add an image and format text. You can also sync notes between devices and apps like OneNote (Windows, Android and iOS), Microsoft Launcher (Android), Outlook and the personal assistant CortanThe. And yes, it has “dark mode”.

If your Windows do not have this app, it is available in the store Microsoft it is free.

NVIDIA Control Panel

Nvidia logoNVIDIA control panel provides options for configuring graphics features of the video card.

As the name already delivers, this app PCs that have video cards from the manufacturer NVIDIA. The control panel offers features to manage the device's display and game-specific settings. is an application with the objective of improving the graphic experience provided by the video card of NVIDIA – whatever model it is.

The program is free and available on the Windows Store.

Windows 10 add-ons that everyone should have

Windows 10 computer monitorWindows 10 has a number of free and useful extensions.

RAW Image extension

This complement aimed at aspiring photographers and professional photographers who work with images in formats of the RAW genre (.NEF and .CR2, for example). It is possible to configure semi-professional and professional cameras to generate images in this format, which are the “raw” data – that is, without processing – captured by the camera sensor. This allows for more flexible, detailed and creative editing of images in specific software, such as Lightroom gives Adobe.

By installing the package of this extension, you will be able to view thumbnails and metadata of the files in RAW formats, in addition to being able to view them in the application Photos of Windows 10. However, the extension does not yet support some formats, including .CR3 and .GPR.

The extension is free and available at the Microsoft.

HEVC video extensions

Since iOS 11 (From iPhones 5 to XR), the devices of the Apple use the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding or “High Efficiency Video Coding”) for video compression. The problem for those who have iPhone and use PRAÇA that, by default, you are unable to open the codec in native applications, such as Photos of Windows 10. The good news is that Microsoft has made available an extension to solve this problem free of charge in your app store. The other good news is that Showmetech has a guide with other free extensions to help you work with this type of file in Windows.

The extension package is available at the Microsoft.

WebP Image Extensions

O WebP it is a modern image format that provides lossless and compact compression for smaller, better quality images on the web. The extension is for you to view images in this format in the browser Microsoft Edge of Windows 10. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are already able to view this type of image.

The extension is free and available at the Microsoft.

Web Media Extensions

This extension package serves to support free software formats found on the web. After installing the package, you will be able to run content provided on the continer OGG or encoded with codecs Vorbis or Theora. Extensions are used automatically by websites and apps.

The package is free and available from the Windows Store.

HEIF Image Extensions

O HEIF (High Efficiency Image File, free translation) “partner” of HEVC, because it was based on the same compression used in videos and used by devices of the Apple with iOS 11 or superior. Instead of generating images in .JPG (JPEG), the devices generate HEIF for taking up less space and maintaining good quality. Like the videos, you are unable, at first, to open the codec in native applications Windows 10. But Microsoft made a free extension package available that solve this problem as well.

The package is available at the Microsoft.

VP9 video extensions

Extensions are for you to play videos VP9 in any video app on Windows 10. O VP9 a popular video codec for streaming. These extensions are designed to take advantage of hardware features on newer devices. For those who do not have hardware support for videos VP9, the software support is provided, but playback may vary depending on the performance of the device and the video resolution. Extensions also allow you to encode content VP8 and VP9 on devices that do not have a hardware-based video encoder.

The extension package is free and available at the Microsoft.

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