Curso Sed Editor de Flux

Sed Full Course – Flow Editor

Master the command line with the help of Sed, the Linux flow editor.

Time to master the advanced features of the Linux terminal and edit multiple files easily with the Sed – Flow Editor Full Course.

Sed Editor Flux Course

What Sed – Flow Editor

Sed utility via command line (for Linux, BSD, macOS and other Unix-based systems, there is also a version for Windows). Sed is used to edit multiple files at once efficiently and quickly. one of the most commonly used tools via shell scripting.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to understand what this command means:sed -e ': a; $! N; s / n s + / /; OK ; P ; D 'file.txt


A PC or a notebook and a desire to know and learn.

How much ?

The Investment will be of $ 9.99 and you will be able to download the entire content to your computer (programs and scripts, PDF handouts and videos).


There is also content available on Udemy, which has a differentiated cost, however, they constantly promote discounts very well, however, there is no possibility to download the content.We also offer 10 DISCOUNT COUPONS, meaning the first 10 to buy pay only $ 20 by the course Click Here To Purchase The Course With PROMOTIONAL PRICE.

Promotional Complete Package

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  • Beginner to Advanced Shell Script – which costs $ 39.90;
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  • Extremely Advanced Shell Script Course – to learn how to create games, installers, animations via Shell, for 174,90
  • Beyond Sed's Full Course – For the amount of R $ 29.99, as mentioned above.

If we add the values ​​of each course, leave for R $ 304.49 However, with this promotion, you will be able to purchase all courses for just: R $ 179.99

All this will make you master the command line once and for all and pass the most important tests that require this knowledge.

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