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Security of your data and how to recover your lost phone with Android Lost

Those who have already lost their cell phones know the headache of retrieving data, phone numbers and files. When it comes to a smartphone, the biggest concern: services, apps, photos, videos, social media logins and email, everything is there. And how can you protect yourself? The first step being careful with your phone by placing a lock, backing up the information, and also installing an app like Android Lost by developer Theis Borg.

But after all, does an Android Lost security app work like? It has a lot of services that allow you to find your phone in the car or lost at home, locate where it is likely to be, lock the screen, erase the information from the SD card, and even turn on the microphone and the camera. to take pictures of a potential sneaker who stole your cell phone.The simple operation: you install the app, which can be downloaded for free from the Android Market, and it asks you to access some information and make a connection through your login (Google email registered as your account). This done, you can remotely control your device, all through one website (http://www.androidlost).

The site is very simple, it is all in English and a beta, but in the tests I did everything worked perfectly. From sending a message asking for help (imagine your phone "saying" a phrase like "I'm lost!"), Making it flash and ring a signal even when silent mode is on, even turning on the camera and taking pictures of the possible location He is found. But the main thing, in my opinion, can be to remotely lock it, turn on the GPS and inform your location. And if you are really sure that it was stolen and there is nothing to do (forget to fire the police: in Brazil, no one can enter someone else's house without a warrant), you have the option to delete ALL INFORMATION of your device.

The cool thing is that all services are triggered via SMS, so you don't have to worry about whether it is connected to the web, has a data packet, or has Wi-Fi on. Theoretically, it works on any Android phone, and any carrier.

screenshot of Android Lost website

Here are the services you can perform remotely using Android Lost:

  • Erase all phone data
  • Screen lock (PIN)
  • Erase SD Card
  • Find via GPS or network
  • Turn on alarm and screen signaling (flashing)
  • Send SMS from webpage
  • Forward calls
  • Remote installation
  • Phone status check (battery, imei, etc)
  • SMS remote alarm
  • SMS lock and unlock
  • SD Card Format
  • Turn on and off GPS and Wifi
  • Email information when SIM card is replaced
  • Get the call list
  • Receiving photos from front and rear cameras
  • Restore factory settings
  • Record microphone sound
  • Start and stop SMS data connection
  • Start and stop Wi-Fi connection from SMS

a lot of features, and really worth it. It is noteworthy that the service is in beta, so some problems can happen. But I think it's worth the risk. I suggest you install, and test carefully, knowing that something may lock your phone. But in the tests I did everything really worked to the satisfaction. My only touch when remotely activating the screen lock is a created PIN number; save this number to unlock the screen, and when you use the phone again, reboot the system, and if you had a default lock (as I had), you will have to register it again.

Download Android Lost for free from Android Market:

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