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Security flaw “FREAK” is still present in hundreds of iOS apps

Exactly ten days ago, Apple made security updates available to users closing the flaws "FREAK" on iOS, OS X and Apple TV. But anyone who thinks the problem is 100% solved is wrong.

According to the FireEye, hundreds of popular apps (with over 1 million downloads each) are still vulnerable on both the App Store and Google Play. On iOS, we're talking about 771 titles not identified by the security firm.

THE good news that iOS 8.2 alone solved the problem for 99% of those 771 apps. THE m that the rest (a total of 7 apps, to be more precise) are still vulnerable even in the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, due to a breach in OpenSSL. And it is worth remembering that FireEye focused only on titles among the most popular.

As the apps in question have not been specified (not to make it easier for criminals to work), users should make sure of the issue with app developers with important content, such as financial and medical information, that have, for example, stored credit card data. .

(via Ars Technica)