Security Companies Turn to Linux: McAfee Available to the Penguin

McAfee now has open platform verse

Anti-virus McAfee was one of the first computer anti-viruses, and now it's available for Linux too, but why have so many companies been interested in creating anti-malware software for open platforms?


Well, we know that Linux for normal use doesn't even need anti-virus, so much so that McAfee's speech goes that way as well, the idea of ​​selling McAfee to computers that serve as servers, and just business solutions, The idea is to maximize security where there is a lot of sensitive data.

Author's Opinion

McAfee for me is not an anti-virus that is not even meant to be used with Windows, and it will certainly fall into this branch to be just one more, paid one, and there are versions of Avast and AVG that are anti-virus. Free virus for users and relatively affordable prices for companies on Linux platforms.

We know that Linux is hardly threatened except when JAVA is involved.

Returning to Anti-Virus

Anyone who wants to try McAfee for ninety days for free can download this link, also read other articles we cover here on Diolinux so you can get to know computer viruses better, learn how to install some of them on Linux, and still understand if you really need it or not.

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