security, a matter that must be taken seriously

Ita Bicycles

One of the great defects of the human being, especially of us, Brazilians, is to postpone subjects that we do not know or dominate. Due to a lack of interest aligned with little or no experience, most people put aside important topics, such as information security. To dominate all areas of knowledge that is humanly impossible, but in the middle of the 21st century, in the midst of technology and information, neglecting this type of subject is the same as assuming the decline, sometimes, of an entire project.

In March 2013, while writing the series Segurana in the Apple world, I published an article with the theme Safe development and, at the time, I analyzed the 50 Brazilian apps that led the ranking of the categories or for providing services that can attract the attention of hackers. it was alarming: of the 50 apps analyzed, 42 had some kind of security breach and 35 had critical security breaches that compromised the application or the remote server.

However, the worst data was that of disregard for data except for the Serpro team, as we are aligned with training courses given by me that took place internally for development teams. No other developer came to me or took any precautions, even months after the failures were made public.

Ita Bicycles

Image: Via Trolebus.

I decided to put the subject of apps and security back into question, due to the importance and risks for both developers and users of the affected services. This time, I chose to analyze an app that was known to everyone and that the final result could be proven without the need to disclose the confidential data. The video below shows the fragility of the app involving the entire control system of shared bikes spread over several cities in Brazil.

The responsible company was informed of the problems on July 25 and is working to correct the mentioned problems.

The objective of the project Apprehender, formed by the series of articles and now by the face-to-face courses, that of giving you, entrepreneur, specific and varied subjects that will support you in the success of your project. Information security can be one of the primary issues for your business to leverage. Shortly, our Facebook page will follow Twitter to keep up to date on upcoming articles.