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Secret tips and hacks for your smartphone

There is much more to do on your smartphone than you think. These secret tips and tricks spark untapped potential. J thought to get much more from your Android? Whether with or without an app: you need to try what we show here.

Choose the functions available in the quick settings?

From Android 6, you can determine which items are displayed in Quick Settings and how they will be sorted. Drag down its top bar twice (or once with two fingers) and find the pencil cone. You will see new items that were previously hidden at the bottom of the list. And keep in mind that the first icons are the ones that appear above the notifications.

shortcut tips
Tap the pencil to reveal new quick settings. Press and hold the elements to move them. The first items are always visible and operable / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Keeping your finger pressed on a shortcut, you can rearrange it next to the others in the order you prefer, and also add the ones outside and remove the ones you won't use.

The text too small to read? No problem

From Android 7, you can choose the size of the system fonts, a great function if you have vision problems or are going to pass the device on to an older person. Go to Settings> Screen> Font Size and choose from four sizes, seeing in real time how the system will display the texts.

font size tips
Space or readability: Since Android 7 you have the choice. / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You can also change the size of all buttons if you don't like the default size. The location of this setting varies by manufacturer, but is usually at home when you keep your finger pressed on an empty area of ​​the screen or inside the app drawer, in an option menu at the top.

More volume controls on Android

Volume control on Android is divided into three parts. But when you press the volume lever, you only see one of the three controls. If you want to watch videos or games without sound or at a lower volume, you need the Media Volume control, not the Ring Volume control.

audio tips
During media playback, a different volume control than normal appears / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

On the other hand, you cannot adjust the ringer volume with the volume knob while a game or video is playing. To do this, you tap the small arrow that appears in the menu and reveals the three buttons available by simply changing the ring volume on the display.

Use the built-in file manager

You probably won't need to download a file explorer application like Astro or ES, or even Files Go. To explore, just go to Settings and then Storage and find Files. Tap it and you will have access to all files on your device.

manager tips
Since Android Marshmallow, a file manager is already integrated / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You can even explore files from your Drive. Open the side menu and access shortcuts to images, videos, audio and recent, plus Google Drive linked to your account.

Time-saving Wi-Fi connection with WPS button

Did you know you can connect to secure Wi-Fi without entering your password? There is a button on the router that prevents you from needing the Wi-Fi key and making things faster. This feature only requires you to tap the physical WPS button on the router after following the steps on the smartphone.

wifi wifi android
WPS button helps routers and smartphones get connected quickly / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Go to Settings> Network and Internet> Wi-Fi> Wi-Fi Preferences> Advanced> WPS Button. In doing so, follow the steps. WiFi Protected Setup is a simple authentication method that allows you to access your Wi-Fi router for a short time. The connection should happen within a few seconds.

Accelerated Animations

Go to developer mode by going to Settings> About Phone and tap the version number (in some cases on the Kernel version) until the warning that you are a developer appears. Then go back to the settings and go to System, accessing Developer Options.

animation tips
Developer options include simple Android / AndroidPIT adjustments (screenshot)

Go to the developer settings and set all animation times to 0.5. Adjust Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animator Duration Scale. The menus will open twice as fast and this will make your smartphone appear to be operating faster.

Operate the smartphone with a mouse

Is your screen broken or does the touchscreen not work? Connect a USB mouse. You only need a USB OTG cable, and then you are ready. You can also connect keyboards, flash drives and more with the adapter. Do this and your iPhone friends will be green with envy.

AndroidPIT control a phone with a mouse 1
Android also has a mouse cursor, check it out! / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Check out all the best OTG resources in the articles below and surprise yourself:

Use secret codes

Smartphone manufacturers and providers offer undisclosed codes that you can enter in the number field of your phone application. With these you can turn off the mailbox, view the IMEI or enter secret menus. We have a list of secret codes here for you to try:

AndroidPIT secret codes ussd 9209
You only need to enter the code in the phone app / AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

What tricks do you use daily on Android? Are there any we missed that you would like to see included?

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