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Second version of Blogo, WordPress editor for OS X created by Brazilians, is released

Do you have a blog and have always missed a native editor on your Mac to post? Know then Blogo, an elegant editor for the WordPress platform!

Created in 2008, the app ended up disappearing over time. However, it was relaunched this month, reaching its second version. The renewal of the application was so cool that it is featured on the Mac App Store and competing for Evernote Platform Awards 2014, being the only Brazilian representative in this phase of the competition.

Blogo 2

The initial configuration of the application is extremely complex! Just kidding after installing the app on your Mac, just enter your credentials (username / password) of any blog that uses WordPress (soon, according to the developers, there will also be support for Tumblr and Blogger services). Extensions for Safari and Chrome soon for Firefox and Opera are also available, directly incorporating the links, images, videos and quotes that you will find and interest in your blog post on Blogo. And with original source right and everything!

Blogo 2

Blogo presents in its main window a sidebar with all its posts and buttons that are easy to identify for new entries, comments and preview. If you want to start writing now, a method of new posts is quick and extremely simple. Through the app you can also schedule publications (by clicking on the calendar icon), add categories and tags without leaving the window. If you have no internet connection, no problem. Create your post in an offline mode and, when connected to the network, publish it.

I know: were you curious about adding / editing images? The shortcut Command + D allows you to select or drag / drop an image onto the post. Once added, you can set the thumbnail size, add captions and / or edit it (adjusting contrast, color, brightness, cut, filters, etc.)!

Blogo 2

Okay, and where does Evernote enter into this story? Blogo is fully integrated with the elephant service, allowing bloggers to add new content from any draft stored on Evernote. In other words, you can finish composing your article from content that has started to be developed on your iPad or iPhone / iPod touch.

Did you like the app? Do you want to help the staff to bring the bowl to our land? Vote for Blogo as Best New Startup of 2014 at the Evernote Platform Awards!

Oh, and take advantage of his offer, which is 50% off (promotion of launch) for a limited time!

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