Second impressions of Galaxy S7 Edge running on Android Nougat

Second impressions of Galaxy S7 Edge running on Android Nougat

That Samsung made some changes to the TouchWiz design, however, while some users liked it, others think the company has changed the layout of its user interface too much. One example is the new UI of links. Now, for each call you make or receive, the system chooses a wallpaper matching the colors of your contact's profile picture.

The Galaxy S7 Edge got faster and had a significant increase in battery life.

calls n s7 edge BR
Call interface: receiving a call (left): making a right call); / AndroidPIT

If the phone number is not registered in your address book or does not have a profile picture, the color will be the same. In my opinion, the layout of the calls was more elegant, better adapted to the screen and simpler.

calls n s7 edge 2 EN
When you get a call and your contact has a profile picture the color changes / AndroidPIT

Another feature that made a difference in my experience with the device this past week was the ability to adjust the screen resolution of the device to save battery power. From the screen settings, you can access the Screen Resolution feature and choose to have HD (720p), FHD (1080p), or WQHD (1440p) quality.

I set the screen of my device in the middle ground, in daily use had no problem regarding the color quality in Full HD and yes, I felt the experience with the battery performance of the Galaxy S7 Edge better. When you change screen resolution, all applications running in the background will be closed.

This option will also not be available if you enable Performance Mode, which maximizes the device's hardware and software features to provide the best gaming, entertainment, high screen performance (maximum brightness and resolution) experience. And of course, with Performance Mode enabled, we will have a reduction in battery life.

screen resolution n s7 edge PT
Being able to change screen resolution impacts power autonomy / AndroidPIT

Now the same can not say of the feature that optimize the quality of audio and video. Honestly, I didn't notice a significant improvement in the brightness or vividness of the colors with the option enabled. Regarding audio, using the speaker of the device also did not find the improvement of how dignified as the function indicates to be. Using the headphones, I can see a slight difference, but nothing that really caught my eye.

TouchWiz f will take a little longer to adapt new Grace UX

The feature can be applied while consuming media in applications such as Samsung's native video player, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube and Netflix.

video enhancer s7 edge n PT
Video and audio media optimization feature does not draw much attention / AndroidPIT

It is noteworthy that I had not mentioned these two functions in my first article, because I believed they were present in Android Marshmallow. However, both features were part of the Galaxy Note 7 software running Marshmallow.

Another feature of the Grace UX Note 7 that was imported into the Galaxy S7 series were the camera features. The interface is cleaner and simpler to use, the modes are accessible by sliding your finger across the screen from left to right and the option to capture RAW images has moved into the main camera's image size menu. This Marshmallow feature was available from the camera's main menu.

camera n s7 edge PT
Camera software UI is simpler to use / AndroidPIT

Finally, I can say that even in the beta version, the Galaxy S7 Edge has gotten faster, had a significant increase in battery life and has a smoother and better integrated user interface between system features. What I've noticed so far is that just as Google has made some occasional changes to the Pixel line and many Nexus users have complained, I think TouchWiz fans will take a little longer to adapt to the new Grace UX.

However, although I like to be subjective, there's one thing I can't deny: Galaxy S7 Edge's performance is better.

Nougat news for the Galaxy S7 line

Today, Samsung has released the second build of Android Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge for those who are part of the Beta Program for the Galaxy. The update has arrived Over-the-air (OTA) and occupies 92MB. According to changelogWe've had software stability improvements and bug fixes such as Facebook's abrupt closure issues, function optimization and performance improvements.

If you want to tell the latest version of Galaxy S7 Edge software still in the testing phase, check out an Android Nougat beta installation tutorial for the Galaxy S7 Edge. The firmware was made available by a member of Samsung's testing program and I installed it on my model. The software is quite stable so far, but it limits the use of Samsung Pay as it is not an official version of the Brazilian OS.

And you already downloaded and are using the new version of Android on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge? What are you thinking?

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