DigiTimes: Apple will replace IPS displays for IGZO in its new products

Second generation iPad may use OLED screen

Some expected the first generation of the iPad to come with OLED screens, but according to the DigiTimes this will only happen when Apple launches the second version of the product possibly in 2011. Rumors also say that the iPhone 4G incorporates a similar display.

iPad with color image on its LED display

The major obstacle to the adoption of OLED panels today is the high cost of their production. As more companies become involved with the technology, prices tend to fall, becoming more suitable for Apple gadgets.

Just to give you an idea, a 9.7-inch LTPS LCD today costs $ 60-70, while an AMOLED display of the same size does not come out for less than $ 500. A year from now, it is possible that this difference will diminish considerably.