Search: Teenagers using - or interested in - iPhones, Apple Watches and Apple Music continue to rise

Search: Teenagers using – or interested in – iPhones, Apple Watches and Apple Music continue to rise

That the iPhone It's a hit in the United States and around the world, we already know. And, as new investment firm research shows Piper jaffray, this popularity has reached the teenagers in a grand way too. About 78% of teenagers Americans interviewed already have an iPhone, two percentage points higher than the result of the same survey conducted earlier this year.

But the percentage can be even higher when it comes to teenagers who intend buy an iPhone: about 82%. The teens I'm sorry if that's not the case, but looking at that number, I can only imagine how many teenagers begging their parents to give them their latest Ma phone, to be the same (or rather?) than your friends. Or maybe it's just a daydream of mine based on American movies, you'll know

Of course this increase can be attributed to the presentation of new iPhones this holiday season especially the iPhone X, with its new features on screen and facial recognition.

In relation to Apple watch, teenagers also increased their average interest: if the rate was 13% at the beginning of the year, now after the release of Series 3 17% of young people declare interest in the gadget.

Adult aspirants are also turned on music, as shown in the chart below, for the time spent on each platform. O Apple music third place, with 17%, only behind the Spotify (30%) and YouTube (20%).

Apple Music Teens

As the analysis firm put it, “On-demand music services like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music continue to gain market share among teens; already the most traditional platforms and Pandora keep losing space ”.

Apparently, the research did not differentiate between paid and free services as it did, for example, so it makes good sense that the only ones facing the streaming Apple's music are two that feature totally free payment options.

The survey was conducted with 6,100 people in 44 US states, with an average age of 15.9 years. Looking at the numbers, it seems that all the waves arrive faster and with greater proportion to the teenagers. Do you agree?

via MacRumors