Search for lyrics by Apple Music arrives in Brazil and Portugal

From yesterday to today, Apple has given one less reason for Brazilians and Portuguese to complain about being the ? of the ido of the bandit: Apple Music has just gained support for search for lyrics in both countries.

Search for lyrics on Apple Music

When accessing the Apple Music search tab, Apple highlights the novelty at the top:

Search by letterType in a few words of a song youā€™re looking for.

That is, it is now possible not only to find songs by the band / artist, by the name of the album or by the title of the track, but also by certain verses of them.

Here are two examples ā€“ one in Portuguese, the other in English:

Search for lyrics on Apple Music

So far, the news is so fresh, Apple hasnā€™t even updated its support article on Apple Music features including lyrics in Brazil and Portugal ā€“ which should happen soon.