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Sealed: Now WhatsApp Sends Encoded Messages

Security has always been a hotly debated subject since the dawn of the Internet, especially since every day more and more information is generated about us, ourselves and others. By creating free instant messaging apps, we're even more exposed. After WhatsApp crashed into decryption because messages were intercepted over open wireless networks, the developers of the Messenger app eliminated the security problem and claim that this is a thing of the past.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most widely used applications in the world and, as it gets into trouble, the WhatsApp team goes into the field to make improvements. Last week, the user named Kevin C. posted on the app's support page if the messages he sends through the app are really safe: Are my messages secure ?. The answer was brief but unambiguous: "If you use the latest version, your messages are encrypted."

For weeks, the company behind WhatsApp had not commented on issues related to the security of information sent using open wireless networks, which has left many users buzzing with reason as no one wants to have personal affairs accessible to anyone. However, we finally had access to information that, as of the latest version of the App, our messages are encoded.

Reminder: In May, security experts informed through the GDATA blog that users should be careful when sending messages via WhatsApp using WLANs, as data not encrypted by the "WhatsApp sniffer" tool could be intercepted and thus become intercepted. public.

When it comes to safety, what is the basic question for you? What can't be missing from a mobile device or app?