Seagate launches its first solid state drive (SSD)

Seagate launches its first solid state drive (SSD)

It took a while to surrender, but there was no way: Seagate yesterday announced its entry into the segment of solid state drives (SSDs) with the Pulsar, which includes a 200GB SLC flash memory in a 2.5-inch frame and just 7 mm high.

Seagate Pulsar

According to the company, the drive's SATA interface provides speeds of up to 240MB / s for reading and 200MB / s for writing. The component incorporates a technology against data loss in the event of a power failure, in addition to an average failure rate of just 0.44%.

The Pulsar will also be available in 50GB and 100GB versions, but its price has not yet been announced by the company. Products will have a five-year limited warranty.

(via The Register)