Seagate Announces New BarraCuda SSDs Up to 2TB

Seagate Announces New BarraCuda SSDs Up to 2TB

After some time producing SSDs for corporations, the Seagate returned to the personal computer market with the line BarraCuda. The new 2.5 inch SSD has four storage options: 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

SSD BarraCuda by Seagate

Seagate promises quick startup and greater versatility when working, playing, storing movies and music, etc. In addition, the BarraCuda SSD can achieve maximum sequential read speeds of up to 540MB / s (megabytes per second) and up to 520MB / s for recording.

Another feature of this SSD is the 6Gb / s SATA interface, optimized to ensure performance and compatibility with the computer or notebook. For users of MacBooks Pro 2015 or earlier, Seagate SSD is a good option to give extra strength if you are having problems with computer performance.

In addition, the BarraCuda line's IOPS are 90,000 operations per second for reading data and the MPTBF is 1.8 million hours the higher the number of hours between sheets, the better.

BarraCuda SSDs are already listed on Amazon, and the prices for each version, in dollars, are as follows:

  • 250GB: $ 80;
  • 500GB: $ 110;
  • 1TB: $ 225;
  • 2TB: $ 450.

None of the above values ​​include shipping to Brazil, of course, nor possible customs duties. For now, SSDs are launch products of the Prime day, and are available for purchase by Amazon Prime members only. By the end of the month, sales are expected to be open to all users.

Until the prices are good, huh?

via AnandTech